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This morning I had some deep contemplation time with myself. My yoga practice revealed to me that my self love has been very superficial. I do things like push things for later, or ignore the things that bother me in the name of selfcare. I realized that real self-love means pushing and moving through the growing pains to put myself in a better position. Putting myself first by pushing myself to be great is needed in my selflove journey.

Feelings like a real herbalist these days 😊 Healing everyone around me, feels good. Back to herbal sunday!

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Now time to focus on healing my family! I had such an amazing time with my family yesterday, I really missed them. Yesterday, I saw they were in need need, and I hadn’t been able to help them because I haven’t been around. Traditionally in the black family, there was one herbalist in the family that was there for whatever was needed. Somehow it got lost and less families had access to herbalist. Of course, the calling is coming back, the herbalists are being whispered to by the ancestors because they know that healing is needed in the black community. This is what I am here for, I feel this in my soul, I gotta be the four my family!

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Tea time! It has been so long since I’ve just taken the time to bond with my herbs. So I made an herbal bonding tea for me this morning. I ran my hands through it and even put some intention into it. I can’t wait to find out what they tell me.

After drinking it a second time, I am convinced that Green Elder Chai is my favorite tea ever! It is filled with a spicy, lightly sweet, flavor that is perfect for this cold day.

I want to create a black herbal healers fellowship…

If you consider yourself a black herbalist or want to be one tag one of your pictures #blackherbalist or #black herbalist. I will reblog your stuff!

Elderflower, chamomile, and orange syrup with raw sugar for the days when you need to relax and fight illness. Its such a delicious and healing syrup, that you can add to tea, coffee, or dessert.

To make sure I don’t boil out the volatile oils, I steep the herbs in the hot simple syrup like a tea. It turns out better if you leave in cold simple syrup overnight. This method works well if you don’t have overnight.