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Crystal Herbalism – Selenite Goddess Tower

Selenite is fossilized salt water, giving it the cyclical energy of lunar and water. This crystal teaches us to ebb and flow, that the light always illuminates the darkness, like a starlight sky.

This self-clearing crystal is perfect for cleansing other spiritual tools. It also aligned and activates the chakras when moved along the body.

Selenite is closely connected with Arianrhod, a welsh moon and star goddess. She shape-shifts into a white owl, she is able to see into the depth of the darkness and seek out the light. The silver wheel is her symbol, the weaving of the moon phases with the Corona Borealis. Arianrhod rules fate, magic, reincarnation, and manifestation. She reigns in her castle (Caer Sidi) among the northern stars. The best time to connect with her is during a full moon for manifesting goals and during the new moon in order to welcome change.

Use the crystal on your alter for a center point of clarity and clairvoyance. Place near you bed to promote peaceful lucid dreams.

Do no run under water, this crystal will dissolve because it’s formed from sacred salt.


Hi everyone,  As some of you may know, I’ve been working on not only increasing my abilities, but finding ways for others to increase theirs.  One session near and dear to me is the Pineal Gland Activation. This has been in the works for a while, but the universe presented me with the final piece earlier this week : ).  The energy from this session is very strong and it will work on not only opening up this gland, but also work on opening up your Crown Chakras as well. The energy from it will have the intention to keep getting stronger with each passing day. Here is a link with more information,