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Crystal Herbalism – The Divine Feminine 

Delicate yet Strong. Soft yet Fierce. Peaceful yet Loud. Divine yet Unholy. 

her story seeps through history
like fresh ink, 
wet and shadowy,
waiting along the edges of torn pages 
for our fingertips to meet.
she lingers,
a shadow of cosmos reflecting
the universe back to me.
her soul overflows like liquid poetry,
cupping the verses with tired hands, 
seeking answers that slip between,
gliding down to kiss the earth, 
like sand, 
her story blends into the rest. 
till the waves sweep in, 
resurfacing the truth once again. 

Note: the flower woman in art was made by Danielle Noel

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Honoring Our Womb Energy

What would happen if we reconnected with our womb? If we honored our cyclical energy? If we used our moon time to embrace our divinity?

Sometimes it takes a couple “what ifs” to spark a loving revolution.

As women, we have a magic within us. It’s in our bodies that we nourish the balance of life, from creation to bleeding, we are deeply rooted to Mother Nature – to Goddess.

Our monthly cycle is a way that we reclaim our womanhood, a crimson reminder of our power. Our womb is a portal, a temple in which we emerge from when we are born. Our relationship with the womb as women is sacred. It is in our root chakra that our soul to grounds to wisdom.

As we bleed, we awaken. We release in order to welcome the new, to shed and bloom.

There is a liberation in knowing that our cycle is a time of clear revelations and emotional healing. Our cycle syncs with the moon, an ancient dance that unfolds and grows with us. It is with the solitude of our cycle that we develop strength in the silence between our thoughts.

Our body ebbs and flows, harnessing the triple goddess each month. We become a passage of divine knowledge of the alchemy we bleed.

I created a period ritual to honor my womb. 

I chose to surround myself with rose quartz during my cycle, to bestow healing and loving energy. I blessed a rose quartz mala, bracelets, and palm stone with Palo Santo wood and a prayer to my goddess council. This is a start to a monthly practice to ground me into my divinity and the embrace of goddess love.

Find a crystal that you can use for only your moon time that embodies how you want to feel during your cycle. Once you find that crystal, meditate/pray/chant/bless that object with your kind intentions.

Your cycle doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be mystical, healing, and personalized. Change your perspective, honor the women before you, the goddesses who blessed you with this gift. Don’t shadow your cycle, reclaim your power as a woman.

You are a priestess of your temple, you choose your devotion.


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Cosmic Blueprint is a 1 month challenge customized to your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. Using your astrological signs, each week will be personalized to your energy and planets. This challenge will allow you to learn more about the way you think, feel, and act based on your cosmic blueprint. Developing a deeper spiritual practice and new rituals to use to manifest a divine life.

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Lunar Awakening Program

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest self-healing and balance by connecting to the moons energy each week. The focus will be on transforming your lifestyle while connecting us to our inner goddess energy. Learn More