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Crystal Herbalism – Chromium Quartz

This crystal brings forth enlightenment. A higher vibration and awakening of your spiritual self. Its protective, illuminating, and goddess driven. It also brings harmony to ones life. It grounds your energy to the natural earth, giving you a sense of comfort and stability.

This vibrant stone transforms your spiritual connection, allowing you to access higher realms while still grounding. Bringing forth spiritual awareness, pulls out energetic blockages while manifesting heart centered peace.

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  • Wander into the numinous
    realm of the goddess. Discover the legend and magic behind your
    favorite divine female spirit. 

    This series will be a month long, starting September 1st – 30th. Everyday a new goddess will emerge with:

    • Myth Meaning
    • Mantra
    • Symbolism
    • Crystal, moon, element, & flower affiliation
    • Spell/offering/blessing
    • Herbal tea recipe

    DM me @ CrystalHerbalism with your goddess recommendation!

    PELE – 

    Hawaiian Goddess of Fire & Volcanoes 

    “She who shapes the sacred land.”

    Like warm blood, she streams down the earth into the sea as a


    offering. Embers of her spirit glow like shards against the lava, she wades in and out of soft darkness. 

    Pele lives at the summit of Kīlauea,within Halema‘uma‘u crater at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. Her ancient presence is very similar to the Hindu goddess Kali, reigning influence over creation and destruction. Pele is the core to the earths womb, her fiery energy ignites divine passion. The ebb and flow of lava follows the rhythm of her sister Nāmaka, goddess of sea. 

    Call upon Pele to help you get in touch with your true passion and to illuminate any illusions holding you back. She will give you the courage to feel on a deeper level, blossoming a boldness to kindle your soul fire.

    Crystals: Lava, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Petrified Wood, Red Quartz, Garnet


    • Strength
    • Creation & Destruction
    • Rebirth
    • Igniting Change
    • Manifesting Soul Fire (desire)
    • Purification
    • Activation 

    Note: (pronounced peh-leh)

    Arianrhod is the welsh moon and star goddess. 

    • Lavender:
      compassion, crown & third eye chakra, protection, healing
    • Peppermint:
      clarity, cleansing, awakening, blissful, heart & throat charka


    • Labradorite
      guidance, imaginative, manifesting. Bringing clarity to your visions and
      dreams, this stone is your cosmic map for the spiritual realm.
    • Clear
      (Air): breath, movement, transform. This stone
      shifts your perspective, allows spells and prayers to travel.
    • Moonstone
      (Moon): cosmic, lunar, divine. Illuminating the darkness, this stone enlightens
      and strengthens your intuitive state.
    • Aquamarine
      fluid, dreamy, and alluring. This stone allows your energy to flow with purpose
      and to ease your mind during rituals and meditations.  
    • Preseli-Stonehenge-Bluestone
      (Earth): mystical, witchy, bravery. A grounding energy that embodies Celtic Britain
      and druid magick.

    🌙Cosmic Flow🌙 

    I got this mala custom made by BlissMalas. The care that went into its creation, is truly divine. My vision for this mala was rooted to new beginnings and mystical courage. Watery, Cosmic, and Goddess, an embodiment of my spirituality. 

    Angelite (stars): higher realms, peace, creativity, clairvoyance 

    Moonstone (lunar): magick, compassion, protection,

    sacred feminine


    Aquamarine (ocean): emotional, clarity, courage, deep meditation