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I thought it would be kind of unfair to only update the tea part of my blog and not the occult part, so I wanted to share how I’ve been doing tarot divinations and what the result of the one I did today was!

First of all, I keep my deck in a wooden box I got on a trip recently, along with an amethyst and a feather. Amethyst helps keep the energy of the deck clean and connected to greater cosmic forces. I also keep a feather in the box, to represent the Air element, which is what I associate with divination!

This is the box I keep my tarot deck, amethyst, and feather in! Beside it is my tarot guidebook wrapped in the cloth I lay the cards out on. 

Moving onto how I actually perform the ritual, I like to burn either sage or frankincense incense, and pass all my divination tools I’ll be using back and forth the smoke nine times. I meditate with the amethyst and feather, and then rub my mala’s chrysocolla beads against each other so the sound puts me in a sort of trance.

Finally I shuffle the deck, cut it into three, bring the portions back together, and lay out the cards. I always pull cards with my left hand.

Lately my divinations have been telling me to move on from my past disappointments and focus on the successes I’ve earned. So that’s what I intend to do!