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Alrighttttt I like might have to go


Sol Magick Retreat

Enjoy some time to retreat from the real world and harness your inner magic. On this retreat you will learn to access the power within yourself and bond with other magical beings like yourself.This is a shared space retreat. Food is included, along with events. All deposits must be in by 2 months before the retreat (5/17/20).

Retreat includes:

– Your stay in the Beautiful Outer Banks

-5 herbal courses (of course you get to keep the herbs and remedies you work with)

-ancestral gratitude ceremony

– Food Included

– Craft Share


– Special Surprise at the end

– Amazing memories

Must be 18 or Over All events are optional, this is your magical vacation 🙂



It is actually Nov. 12 8pm  ( my website won’t let people sign up day of)

Last chance to sign up for the webinar!!


I feel like someone needs a reading today. Also, I dont have a job, so i gots free time! So $2 readings this whole WEEK!! 10/9-10/16

 I will be doing $2 readings:

-aura readings

-3 card tarot/oracle reading

-pendulum readings

herbal readings (something new where I use herbs to tell me what you need to know!)

– random advice

1. Send money to either cash app or cashapp. If you need a different way, just let me know.

Cashapp: $atribeof3sisters


Venmo: @aerieherbal

2. Send me a message with what type of reading you need and I will let you know what I need from there.

Crystal Herbalism – 

Fairy Quartz Geode

Deep within the woods, past the river that bends its spine across mossy stones, through the scattered blushing hues of pink daisies- lives the woodland sprites. Their beings embody the soul of the forest, roots buried deep. The whispers of their songs vibrate against the poetic tree bark. Crystallized eyes laces in the inky shadows of night, the Woodland Sprites protect the elder woods. Connect with these ancient beings with this fairy quartz geode.


Fairy Quartz Geode is a cosmic oasis. A divine creation that is a balanced blend of angelic and faerie energy. A portal to the faerie dream realm, fairy quartz raises consciousness, balances your chakras, enhances dream recall, and provides psychic protection.  

5in x 5in
(3in deep)

For Sale on the CrystalHerbalism Shop: HERE


“Flow Like Water” — 
at the stream. There are rocks in its way. Does it slam into them out
of frustration? No, it simply flows over and around them and moves
on. Be like the water and you will know what harmony is.

Painted by

Into the woods you go. Wild. Free. Enchanted.

This kit comes with these crystals and a palo santo wood for clearing your space, crystals, and body.

Vesuvianite (Idocrase): from Mt. Vesuvius, this crystal embodies ancient wisdom and deep dearth connection. It ignites your intuitive state and brings clarity to dreams. This vibrant stone transforms your spiritual connection, allowing you to access higher realms while still grounding.

Tibetan Quartz: this crystals brings forth enlightenment. a higher vibration and awakening of your spiritual self. Its protective, illuminating, and goddess driven.

Peridot: brings harmony to ones life. It grounds your energy to the natural earth, giving you a sense of comfort and stability. This crystal brings forth spiritual awareness, pulls out energetic blockages while manifesting heart centered peace.

Purchase this Kit: Crystal Herbalism Shop