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Crystal Herbalism – The Witches Broom

Witches Broom were traditionally made from ash, birch, and willow, woven together to protect the home and ward off evil spirits. Witches worked with faeries to find the perfect tree for a broom, once chosen the faeries would bless the wood.

I’ve been a witch since I was little and never felt like I had a symbol that I could connect my witchy practice to until now. I wear this pendant everyday, a nod to my witch and faerie heritage. 


Sometimes my kitchen is magical.

Crystal Herbalism – ‘Tis The Season Of The Witch 

October, the month of the blood moon and Samhain, a time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest. I welcomed the 1st with a protection spell for my home.

For the ritual I used clear quartz, a white pumpkin, my pentacle, and a black candle. I rang my Tibetan bell, lite my black candle, and cast my circle. n the silence of the morning, under the transition between the moon and sun, I began my spell. 

“I call upon my spirit guides, witch ancestors, and Goddess. I welcome thee into my circle, bringing light to the shadows that linger in the October sky. For no spirit, good or bad, can enter my home without my permission. May their asking be only kind, for my home is protected by the divine.”

I walked around my apartment with a root chakra singing bowl, allowing its deeps tones to push out stagnant/negative energy so the positive could fill the space. Once I was done I blew out the black candle and placed it on my alter, a reminder of the protection spell that pulsates throughout my home.

  • Clear Quartz: clarity, intention, manifestation, magnifies energy
  • Pentacle: amulet, witchcraft, five elements, ancestry
  • Pumpkin: autumn, abundance, divination, banishing
  • Black Candle: absorbs negativity, mystery, cleansing


Crystal Herbalism – All Hallows Eve

Halloween is a time where the veil between the spirit world and ours is at its thinnest. Halloween allows us to connect with those who have pasted one and the magical energies that surrounds us during the hollows eve moon.

The black cat is a symbol of protection and good luck, on Halloween if you spot one make a wish. Connect with the energies of the back cat to enhance your magic, strengthen intuition, and provide psychic awareness. Black cats are messengers from the underworld, they provide ancient knowledge of the spirit realm. They are the symbol of magic within witchcraft and are cherished in many cultures.

Black Cat Tea

  • 1 tsp Jasmine
  • ½ tsp Spearmint
  • ½ tsp Marigold
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root

This tea will provide the energy of the black cat and lucid dreaming. Keep a tigers eye or smokey quartz close to you on Halloween, to protect you from negativity and unwanted entities. For extra protection sprinkle chamomile around your home or put in a bag to hang on door to ward off hexes and evil spirits.


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The pendant is handcrafted by the Esty shop: Trendy Snake! Vykas is an amazing craftsmen and this piece is made with loving intentions. I bought the Tara Yantra pendant from him (will post about that beauty soon). 

Pendant Material: Solid Sycamore Wood, Hemp Cord, Wood Paint, Wood Varnish.
Pendant Weight: 5g
Pendant Size: 35mm x 35mm
Pendant Thickness Approx: 5mm
Pendant Cord Size: Adjustable (you can adjust cord according to your taste).
Condition: Handmade
Feature: Eco-Friendly 

🌙 October 31st marked the new year in the witches calendar, when the triple Goddess is in her crone phase. She is the dark mother who starts the transition into hibernation, a time of spiritual healing. The veil between the spirit realm and ours is at its thinnest, it allows us to communicate with fluidity. Making our divine connection to higher beings and intuition at its strongest. With this full access to these mystical worlds, from spirits to the faerie realm, we must protect ourselves, energetically. 🔮 Take time tonight to light a candle, meditate, pray, sit with your crystals. Samhain is about connecting with the earth, using the natural surrounding as the roots to your magick.

Crystals like smokey quartz, fairy cross, selenite, and black tourmaline are perfect for this time of year. Pictured above is my Smokey Quartz & Moonstone from Bliss Malas on Etsy. It’s a custom Mala that embodies cosmic protection.