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I want to create a new collection…

What would you like to see in my store?

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aerieherbal: It is ready!!


It is ready!!

Here I explain my take on these categories of psychic abilities and how I experience them. Herbs for psychic abilities are also on this video.

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Self-Love and Spiritual Compassion are devotio…

Self-Love and Spiritual Compassion are devotions of courage. When we embody our true selves, we become truth.

Rose Quartz: heart centered, radical love, goddess, healing. This crystals is a great way to comfort the emotional body. It also bring light into the dark spaces of our energy field and mind. Rose Quartz is a creation of enlightenment, divinity, and trust. Rose Quartz is the energy of sacred and honest love. This pink stone allows you to embrace self-love, by having acceptance towards yourself the fae will honor your confidence. The seelie court worships heart energy and the unseelie court using the heart energy in their binding spells.

Connects with Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite is a goddess that is rising. With dark events happening around the world and self-doubt setting in, the goddess of love will guides us to clarity. Aphrodite brings love, acceptance, and self-healing into our lives. This goddess with trying to spread kindness in the world, she hears our prayers. We must work with her in order to manifest her energy. Call upon Aphrodite when when to seek light within the darkness, she will comfort you.

Note: These crystals are perfect for an alter, yoga space, and/or a crystal bath.



Trying something new! My new video is all about my thought theme for today. I hope you like it! 🙂





My “I’m going to try to get everything done even though my body decided to attack me today” face. (I dont know why my face looks so normal, I’m dying)

Gonna try to fix body with my immuniTea and some homemade carrot, kale, and potato soup with healing herbs.

aerieherbal: New Video!!


New Video!!

The YouTube channel Name is changing along with some other things!

Elderflower, chamomile, and orange syrup with …

Elderflower, chamomile, and orange syrup with raw sugar for the days when you need to relax and fight illness. Its such a delicious and healing syrup, that you can add to tea, coffee, or dessert.

To make sure I don’t boil out the volatile oils, I steep the herbs in the hot simple syrup like a tea. It turns out better if you leave in cold simple syrup overnight. This method works well if you don’t have overnight.

This was the festival that bolstered me into w…

This was the festival that bolstered me into who I am today. It was here that I experienced being treated like a human and not a distrusted member of society. her I experienced what high vibrational actually meant.  Here, I began to learn about the world of wellness and magic. I have learned so much, just because I went to this festival years ago.



$5 card readings from now to Friday (9/7/18)!!!!!

No reason, I am just feeling like there are some messages that people need to hear. 

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