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Apprenticeship is in full swing! I AM SO EXCITED I GET TO SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE!! I have so many plans for my apprentice babies!

If you’re still interested, you can sign up on my website, under plans and pricing! Its only $20 a month, which I am so excited to offer!



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Apparently you get money from this?

Homeless & 6 Months Pregnant With A Beautiful …

Homeless & 6 Months Pregnant With A Beautiful Little Empress😭:




I’ve gone 6 months alone working full time as a linecook and living on the couch of my drug addict father for 3 months and now in my grandmothers home. She is giving me until May 1st, to find somewhere else to go or I will be in a shelter or on the streets for refusing to leave the father of my daughter because he’s simply a Jamaican man.
We lost a child due to stress-related complications five months prior to this blessing and I’m only 20 so I have faith that I can get everything together on my own, with my fiancée, but we are struggling very much.
We have a 7 year old son as well, fighting for custody and getting an interview in the racist town I live in has been hard for his father although we have both filled out tens and tens of applications on his behalf.
I help take care of my brothers and sisters due to my mom facing hard times as well.
My father has stolen money from me over and over and along with drug use and cigarette smoke in the apartment we shared for those three months got to be unbearable. We stayed in his storage room without a door, we walked 2 miles back and forth with groceries weekly. Moving in here seemed to be the best thing for us but I moved away from my mother’s mother for many reasons and I guess it was naive to think her racist, diagnosed narcissistic ways would be changed by the weeks and weeks without the scariest news we’d ever received prior, that our daughter from our first pregnancy did not make it, resulting in their fizzling idea that they could just cause me to lose our baby.

Many nights I stood outside praying because this experience has been the most beautiful life changing experience I’ve ever faced.

Being pregnant alone is intense and altering but being forced to undergo the changes alone day by day due to even a weekly visit from somebody I love and trust and have been engaged to for almost two years being argument inducing, has opened my eyes to the complete idiocy that is racism.
To struggle to bend down, get dressed, make meals, clean all before working two jobs just because your biological family members blatant disrespect and ignorance towards your ethnicity and nationality, to see how they’d treat you if you were not mixed with their daughters slaveowner heritage, changes you as a woman. To see them take out their stupidity on a man who has changed your world in every positive sense, simply because he is a man of color is a different game I’ve never expected to have to play simply to have somewhere to stay.
Please please please please
SHARE THIS . That’s all I’m asking

Is it possible to get an update on this post. I will pray for you and your family. Prayers and Hugs ☝🏾❤

Hi everyone.., well, I’m three weeks away now, from having a daughter to stare at like she’s my last memory. I feel like she is. How’d I get so blessed? I’m sleeping on my sister in laws floor now. My grandmother kicked me out right before my birthday on May 4th; blocked my number again too. I have a housing appointment on the tenth now but I lost my job for calling out my manager… they said on paper it was because I stole a customer food. I took that up with Human Resources but no one has gotten back to me… I’m 37 weeks along now. She’s the size of honeydew melon if she’s growing at the normal pace. She’s been measuring a little small… I’m getting really scared. I only have $300 a month since I’m laid off work and everything costs so much… then rent as well… I’m so overwhelmed. Her father is struggling finding a job again. I feel so alone because he’s gone applying every day. It’s getting so hard to do like anything. My sister in law lives on the third floor so the climb has been noticeably more difficult. I’m trying. Researching ways to make money from home still,,, but fact remains, as pathetic as it is, I cannot afford us a home.

I have a paypal too if anyone’s interested:

Thank you for thinking of us.

A Tribe of 3 Sisters | Herbalism 101 Course

A Tribe of 3 Sisters | Herbalism 101 Course: undefined



If you haven’t already, Subscribe to my channel!! I am planning on doing a free herbal medicine making video. It will essentially be the the summer medicine making class that never happened. Probably next Wednesday, I promise I will let y’all know


One of my peoples experiencing bronchitis had gone to the doctor and the medicine wasn’t working. They ran out and was still sick. I could here them wheezing and having difficulty. So I gave them what I had of my winter wellness tincture. They just messaged me telling me that they already feel better. This happened yesterday!!

Tea time! It has been so long since I’ve just …

Tea time! It has been so long since I’ve just taken the time to bond with my herbs. So I made an herbal bonding tea for me this morning. I ran my hands through it and even put some intention into it. I can’t wait to find out what they tell me.


Making remedies for Karmafest!!

So I have to come up with things to make based on what I already have because the herbs I ordered are coming after karmafest lol but that’s ok. It just means new products for everyone! I may or may not go live on Instagram lol we will see lol


$15 custom Herbal Remedies

I am doing $15 herbal remedies (+shipping and taxes), you tell me what your problem is and I will make you what you need.

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