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Get yourself an herbalist for the new year!


Witchcraft is natural, cyclical, and intuitive, it connects us to the roots of our soul. From calling up the power of the earth to calling down the power of the moon, nature is the beacon in which magick resides. This coven is a safe space for Women and Trans Women to alchemize their experience in this lifetime, finding power in stories, spells, and sisterhood.


Take the time today to stop and reflect. How’s your healing going? What kind of thoughts are you thinking? Is there anything you want to change today?

Its a great practice to just take a little time to reflect.

Elderberries all day!!! Gotta love fresh elderberries! De-stemming these berries are like picking pearls from a tree, super therapeutic! These berries are my go to when I’m fighting any respiratory infection 😊

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It’s been a while since I have shared my magic! I want to share again! I can do it for you or send you instructions. Send me an email ( or message me here if you are interested!

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Really focusing on my webinar; Whispers from the Roots. My computer won’t be fixed in time, so I have to redo the whole thing. This isn’t a bad thing though, it gives me the opportunity to make it better, which I am excited about. I just hope that I capture the amazing development black herbalism and how it affects us today.
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Trying something new! My new video is all about my thought theme for today. I hope you like it! 🙂

In honor of me getting married in 2 weeks, I’m now selling $5 custom elixirs until August 19 (my wedding day)!!!

Just tell me what you need and I will make it for you! Everyone who buys until that time will also get an extra surprise!! I just want to spread the love!

Aerielle’s Favorite Herbs!:


Latest Youtube video. I know I need to chill, so this is the last one for the week.