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If you haven’t already, Subscribe to my channel!! I am planning on doing a free herbal medicine making video. It will essentially be the the summer medicine making class that never happened. Probably next Wednesday, I promise I will let y’all know

A Tribe of 3 Sisters | Sol Magic Retreat:


The retreat is up!! Check it out. If you have any thing you would like to see at the retreat, I will try to add it. Get your deposits in! Only 50 spots!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:


New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:

New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!


A Tribe of 3 Sisters: MAGIC HEALING GIVEAWAY!!!!

So, I am new the YouTube game and I am just so happy to have hit 50 subscribers! I appreciate everyone who has been supporting me, so I have decided to do another giveaway. The winner will be announced on the 26th of Aug (when I come back from my honeymoon). 

The winner will receive:

1. Dragons blood incense

2. 1 Tigers eye

3. 1 quartz

4. A little pot

5. A Book: Cleansing the doors of perception

6. 1 palo santo stick

7. ImmuniTEA by A Tribe of 3 Sisters

8. Palo Santo Mist

9. Your choice of tincture or elixir.

10. Lastly,  A Buddha Statue!

To Enter:

1. Reblog this post!

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel

3. Leave a comment  on your favorite video, so I know you have entered!! 

If you are already a subscriber, just comment on your favorite video!

I hope you win!!

*This giveaway is in no way associated with tumblr or youtube. *

Forgot to mention if you buy something from my site, A Tribe of 3 sisters , You get an extra entry!!! 

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