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Wednesday, Aug 8th,2018 9:00 pm EST, I am doin…


It is still free, just send me your email so I can put you in the the webinar. This weeks herbal healers are California poppy and St. Johns wort.

I am going to have to switch the session again, to tomorrow at the same time. So thats Thursday 8/9/18 9 pm EST. I am very sick today. But I am going to fix myself with herbs! I will tell you all about it in tomorrows session.

This also means you have time to join still!

Energetics and a story

Energetics and a story:


My new video is up!! Like and subscribe!

Before editing, this video of 13:13 long! lol

Also, I am slightly proud of this video. Let me know what else you all want to see!!!

Energetics and a story

Energetics and a story:

My new video is up!! Like and subscribe!

Before editing, this video of 13:13 long! lol

ancestralmedicinemagic: My new video on herbs …


My new video on herbs for womens reproductive issues. If you need to know anymore information, or would like me as your herbalist. Just let me know! Also, make sure you like and subscribe!

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Look yesterday! I have had a lot of fun giving readings yesterday. I’m still doing readings for $3! Both aura readings and 3 card readings!

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Tea Magick Rides Again

A tea kettle and mesh are very useful for making an herbal infusion! I’m steeping some white oak bark in hot water to make a remedy for the poison ivy my mom got on her skin. Once it’s steeped and cooled for about half-an-hour to an hour, I’m going to put it on a towel and rub it on the poisoned places!

Medicinal Herbs for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndr…

Medicinal Herbs for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

There are many medicinal herbs that can be used as herbal remedies for chronic conditions like IBS and they have been gaining popularity in recent years because they tend to be milder than conventional medications and with a fewer side effect.

They can be easily customized for specific needs. But like with any pharmaceutical medication they can work wonders for some people and not work at all for others.

Using natural herbal remedies to treat irritable bowel syndrome is an option that is worth considering and most herbs are safe but it should be kept in mind that they can have side effects just like prescription drugs.

To learn more about the benefits of medicinal herbs for IBS CLICK HERE:


If I sold dried herbs, would anyone be interested?


I want to put loose herbs on the site, but I need to make sure they are in demand.


Known to the druids by the name of “Feam,” alder is also often called Scottish mahogany, Irish mahogany, King of the Forest, and Tree of the Fairies. Said to be a charm against malicious fairies that’s guarded by water sprites, it’s extremely ill-advised to cut one of these trees down! What’s more, the Celtic saga Battle of the Trees describes Bran as being identified by the branch of alder he carries. Alder is a powerful tree to involve in your witchcraft!

Energy ~ Masculine

Planets ~ Moon, Mars

Elements ~ Fire, Water

Deities ~ Odin, Bran, King Arthur, Apollo, Astarte, Aphrodite, Pan, Lugh, Orpheus, Branwen, Arianrhod

Zodiac ~ Pisces

Alder shoots can be easily made into whistles and panpipes, which hold great sway over the wind and Air elementals. Meanwhile, due to mingling the elements of Fire and Water, alder is also a great aid for balancing the yin and yang in your life! Medicinally, this tree can be used as an astringent, tonic, antiviral (especially for herpes), hemorrhagic, antibacterial, emetic, vulnerary, febrifuge, anti diarrhoeal, lymphatic, and possibly anti-inflammatory treatment.

With regards to the casting of spells, alder wood wands are recommended for rituals involving charisma, journeys, self confidence, bravery, supervision skills, and spiritual growth. They are also used in shielding the astral self from unwanted intrusion from other realms. Witches of the Stregha path have long known the secrets of the Alder wood. The Italian witches prized the sap of the alder wood to make red dyes for potent Nanta bags; freshly cut alder will turn crimson from the sap, associating it with that which is living and breathing. 

Alder wood should also be used for magicks that are intended to balance action with emotion. This tree can be used in magicks that are designed to protect the heart and chest area: talismans worn about the neck are excellent for this. Said to be the gateway to the faery realm, alder also makes a great aid for magick involving the fae. Some ancient texts suggest that alder also allows spirits from the Otherworld to enter our own.

If one intends to make an alder wood wand for wind magick, it must be taken exclusively from branches separated by the wind. The wand should be imbued with the energy of the full moon associated with alder in the Celtic Zodiac, that being the one in-between March 18th and April 14th. Imbued with the power of Air through ritual, such a wand is a potent aid for wind and weather magick, and should be covered when not in use.

In flower language, alder blossoms mean “Conquers Adversities” and “Strength from Within.”

May’s patreon video will be an herbal natural …