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Lotions, Potions, and Things

Lotions, Potions, and Things:

Check out my website! Its full of things and stuff!

ancestralmedicinemagic: Look yesterday! I hav…


Look yesterday! I have had a lot of fun giving readings yesterday. I’m still doing readings for $3! Both aura readings and 3 card readings!

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Here we go again!! $3 readings!!!

Yay!! Video tings

Yay!! Video tings

My new video!!!Woot

My new video!!!Woot

Herbal Planetary Associations

Herbal Planetary Associations:

Yes my dog is in it! Lol

Creating a dream manifestation oil! The amount…

Creating a dream manifestation oil! The amount of energy filling my hands while making this was crazy. So much manifesting energy, I love it!



I am doing initial herbal sessions for $40 (compared to $150) this is only for a limited time, the price will go up this Sept!😮

From now til aug 4th, if you set up a follow up appointment, you get your initial appointment 50% off!!

During this session we will:

– go over lifestyle changes for better wellness

-discuss your holistic health

– healthy eating habits

– go over herbs that could improve wellness.

– have a great experience that can help improve your life!

Message me or email at if your interested. Online sessions available! I am looking forward to working with you!😁

My new video on herbs for womens reproductive …

My new video on herbs for womens reproductive issues. If you need to know anymore information, or would like me as your herbalist. Just let me know! Also, make sure you like and subscribe!

Application of Herbs for Diabetes Medicina…

Application of Herbs for Diabetes

Medicinal herbs for diabetes have been a part of traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Any herb intended as a treatment should focus on lowering blood sugar levels and reducing some of the damaging effects of the disease.

The use of medicinal herbs for diabetes treatment can be an important addition to the overall management of the disease and should be regarded as a part of a holistic approach that addresses proper nutrition and a good exercise program.

To learn more about the benefits of medicinal herbs for diabetes

Aerielle’s Favorite Herbs!

Aerielle’s Favorite Herbs!:


Latest Youtube video. I know I need to chill, so this is the last one for the week.