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Treat Sleep Difficulties with Medicinal Herbs …

Treat Sleep Difficulties with Medicinal Herbs

Herbal sleep aids can, for many people, be a good choice for treating insomnia and sleep difficulties naturally.

In more recent years, studies have shown that some medicinal herbs and certain combinations of natural herbs can act as natural sleep aids and offer similar or the same calming effects as prescription drugs and sometimes eliminate the need for taking synthetic medication altogether.

Synthetic medications for insomnia are very useful but can come with somewhat bothersome side effects like addiction and influence the natural sleep rhythms in a negative manner if taken over a long period.

Therefore it is good to know that there are “green sleeping pills” that can be an alternative to what the doctor has to prescribe.

In many cases, it is essential to view herbal remedies for insomnia as a holistic approach where medicinal herbs are only a part of the overall treatment and management of this condition.

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Herbs for Acne Treatment and Prevention Medi…

Herbs for Acne Treatment and Prevention

Medicinal herb for acne should aim to treat the underlying causes such as hormonal imbalances, poor digestion, sluggish liver, abnormal bowel function, and nutritional deficiencies.

Topically, herbs for acne treatment mainly involves using antiseptic herbs that are applied to clean skin to keep bacteria at bay and reduce inflammation and infection.

Internal use of herbs for acne treatment should address hormonal imbalances by improving liver function and enhance the body´s natural elimination of toxins by improving digestion and as a result, make the skin more clear and healthier.

Which medicinal herbs to choose will depend on the underlying cause.

Learn more aboutthe benefits and uses of medicinal herbs for Acne

This probably my favorite tea right now! Cause…

This probably my favorite tea right now! Cause I always need it for the change of seasons. Especially here in MD, where the season change in 1 week. Its so delicious and healing!




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Butterwort – A Carnivorous Plant with Interest…

Butterwort – A Carnivorous Plant with Interesting Uses

Butterwort is an insectivorous/carnivorous plant that belongs to the bladderwort family (Lentibulariaceae.)

The English common name butterwort probably comes from the plant’s ability to curdle milk, but it might also be because of its mucilage covered leaves.

Butterwort was once widely used in folk medicine, but much of the knowledge regarding herb’s uses as an herbal medicine has probably been forgotten.

Still, it is known that the leaves, used externally as a poultice, were applied to wounds to speed up the healing process and to get rid of warts.

Furthermore, the herb was used as a remedy for skin rashes, eczema, and ringworm.

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My “I’m going to try to get everything done even though my body decided to attack me today” face. (I dont know why my face looks so normal, I’m dying)

Gonna try to fix body with my immuniTea and some homemade carrot, kale, and potato soup with healing herbs.