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Crystal HerbalismThe Devotion of Tara 

Devotion is a deep and overwhelming magical loyalty, a feeling that is experienced rather than expressed in words. It wasn’t until I found Tara that I was able to root into the intensity of devotion.

Learn about the herstory behind Tara: HERE

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This coven is a safe space for Women to alchemize their experience in this lifetime, finding power in stories and sisterhood – a community of women who want to talk about witchcraft, crystals, herbalism, goddess energy, and all things mystical. 

Journey of the Witch is a private coven where you can connect with Witches all over the world. Any form of Witchcraft is welcomed as long as the foundation is kind, honors goddess energy, and respects the environment.

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Crystal Herbalism – The Witches Broom

Witches Broom were traditionally made from ash, birch, and willow, woven together to protect the home and ward off evil spirits. Witches worked with faeries to find the perfect tree for a broom, once chosen the faeries would bless the wood.

I’ve been a witch since I was little and never felt like I had a symbol that I could connect my witchy practice to until now. I wear this pendant everyday, a nod to my witch and faerie heritage.