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Our bodies are a collection of light, water, earth, and breath. As spiritual beings our senses are sensitive to the world around us and come across energetic vampires, evil spirits, and negative energy. Below you will find accessible ways to bring more protection into your life. 

Crystals For The Home

  • Selenite: wards of darkness with its lunar light with angelic connection
  • Clear Quartz: takes negative energy and recycles it into something positive, amplifying the protection process 
  • Citrine: with solar light its purifies the bodies energy and sheds light onto any shadows that are not welcomed
  • Amethyst: this stone is perfect for protection in dreams and also to ward off spells and negative energy. Place by your bed to welcome peaceful sleep

Crystals For The Body

  • Black Tourmaline: deep clean the energy field, balances out the negative and positive energies
  • Smokey Quartz: like a shadow it cloaks the body with a smokey shield 
  • Tigers Eye: offers courage and strength to your energetic field 
  • Garnet: deep fire energy, clearing away what no longer serves

Herbs & Spices 

  • Lavender: place in bedroom 
  • Cinnamon: place in the living room
  • Salt: place around windows + outside the home (around foundation) 
  • Chamomile:

    place on all doors with small satchels (hang from door knob)

Symbols of Protection 

note: (print images, decor, art, and/or jewelry) wear on yourself or place around home (windows + doors) 

  • Seven Pointed Star: the foundation of magic, faerie protection
  • Triple Goddess: guidance from the maiden, mother, crone
  • Hamsa: ward off the evil eye
  • Eye of Horus: ancient protection
  • Triquetra (Triple Celtic Knot): known as the divine shield
  • Pentagram: elemental protection

Psychic Protection Tea

  • 1 tsp Jasmine (psychic protection)
  • 1 tsp Spearmint (dream protection, clearing)
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root (protection)
  • ½ tsp Lemon Grass (remove obstacles, ward of negativity)

Drink this before bed for lucid dreams and to ward off unwelcome energies. This tea allows you to get rid of past energies that no longer assist you.

Cleansing Home

note: walk around your home with a singing bowl or bell, creating a vibration to break up all stagnate and heavy energy. Burn palo santo or sage and once done open the windows to let fresh air in and the negativity out. 

For no spirit, good or bad, can enter or stay my home without my permission,

may their asking be only kind. I bring light to the shadows and fill my home with love, positivity, and gratitude. For my home is protected by the divine.”

Some very good information from herbal academy!!

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It’s bug season! We put together this helpful chart with the many effective plant oils categorized by the particular bug they repel. This is not a complete list of ALL EO oils – feel free to weigh in with your fave EOs in the comments! A word of caution when using essential oils: they should always be used with a carrier product because of their volatility. Carrier products are other oils such as extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, unscented lotions, etc. Some EOs should not be applied to children or to pregnant women so, as always, please do additional research. We also recommend seeking out brands who use sustainable harvesting practices. @MountainRoseHerbs has a good selection of essential oils, which we recommend! .

Here’s a simple recipe from the blog for crafting a bug repellent: .

Combine the following in a 2-ounce bottle:

4 tablespoons of distilled water
2 teaspoons of vodka
5-6 drops of your favorite EO or combination or try the Thieves combination of sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and mint.
Shake well before each use.
Spritz this on your clothes and hair. Not for use on skin. .

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Crystal Herbalism Amethyst with Citrine Veins

Into The Lavender Field – sunshine among the flowers.

This self standing piece is one of the highest vibration stones to evoke spiritual growth. This  stone is a unique kind of crystal due to the natural heating in the cave it was grown in, allowed for citrine veins to run along the amethyst.

Amethyst & Citrine Properties:

– Flow of Divine Feminine energy to move down throughout chakra system
– Solar Plexus, Third Eye, & Crown Chakra activation
– Enhances lucid dreaming
– Deepens your intuition, dream travel, faerie magick
– Manifesting creativity
– Psychic visions with clarity
– Enlightenment
– Amplifies meditation space
– Ignites confidence and self love
– Protection

L 5in x W 3in

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As many of my longtime followers can probably attest, I have a long history of insomnia that doesn’t seem totally resolved yet. I don’t have all the materials for this Wicca-based spell, but I think I’m going to try to acquire them, because I seriously think I could use the help!

You will need a sprig of lavender, a piece of smoky quartz, and a blank piece of parchment alongside something you can write with. I’m sure most of you are familiar with lavender’s properties of aiding sleep, but smoky quartz also has a very soothing effect, so it’s a two-pronged attack of relaxation!

Prior to casting your spell, you’re going to want to prepare your bedroom for sleeping well. Clean linens, dim lights, and as quiet a space as possible will all help. If you want to involve a little bit of feng shui, try making sure that the closet door is closed and there’s nothing under your bed. 

Then, while sitting on the bed (and avoiding sitting on the pillow you’ll be sleeping on), hold the smoky quartz and sink your consciousness into your body. Meditate and feel yourself embracing the crystal’s calming energy, even as you let your worries drift away. When you’re suitably grounded, chant the following incantation while holding the stone in your right hand and rotating your wrist clockwise:

The Moon is up,

I hold its piece

The silver dust

Will guard my peace

Once you’ve done this, wrap the smoky quartz and lavender sprig in the parchment and lay them beside your bed. Now, bear in mind that, like anything else, spellcraft requires practice. Some spells don’t take the first time, and you may need to keep trying for up to three nights. From what I’ve read, though, this spell is well worth your patience!

Sleep well, and may the Tree of Life shelter you all!

A long time ago, I mentioned the process of making a crystal elixir. Well, I’ve finally made one using my amethyst! It tasted pretty funny, but I had a really fun idea besides drinking it: to use it in my scent diffuser! I’m currently using it to disperse lavender oil!

I cast a protection spell for a friend in a dangerous situation yesterday! I sprinkled a circle of lavender flower, lemon balm, and spearmint leaf (lavender and lemon balm both have protective qualities, and spearmint leaf seems to augment other agents) in the bottom of a small bowl, before setting a black candle up in the center! I lit the candle, then dripped some of the melting wax to make a place to stick it so it stood upright safely. Then, I held my obsidian arrowhead while visualizing an archer shooting down anything which could threaten my friend, and uttered an incantation.

Fall once, Spring rain.

Flash twice, Summer lightning.

Rage thrice, Autumn wind.

Sound at last, Winter thunder.

That’s roughly how I started it, but I forgot the rest!

I’ve wanted to cast a proper sleep/dream spell for a while, and enchant one of my talismans to help me attract more vivid, lucid dreams. I think that tonight, I’m going to bathe myself with mugwort, then arrange a purple candle, my sodalite, my amethyst, my sleep spell bottle, some quartz crystals, and my talisman on my altar. I’ll sprinkle some lavender, chamomile flower, and leftover mugwort in a circle around the candle, then light it at dusk after casting my circle. I’ll invoke a few gods of the night and dreams, as well as the Bear Totem, and prepare my talisman(s) to help me sleep and dream better at night. I actually read some very interesting things about the bear that I plan to make a post about!

Crystal Herbalism – Reclaim Your Bliss Tea

There is a magic to knowing when to tend to the Self, an ancient vibe to nurture. It’s with that intuitive tide that our need to care for our bodies becomes a priority. Loving ourselves is a cycle of reflection, acceptance, and growth. It’s a divine notion that our bodies are creations of earth, a personal ecosystem. Bones, blood, breath, water. Roses blush, the breeze crisp. We inhale the organic world around us. This floral tea gives you the time to honor yourself. To feel, to embrace your body as a sacred space. A divine temple of self.

  • Chamomile: cleansing, protection, and wards off negativity. This golden herbs also relaxes the nervous system, calms mind, eases headaches and insomnia.
  • Pink Rose Petals: awakens courage, blooms empowerment, grounds gratitude, peace, and self-love. Rose Petals in tea can help nourish the skin and boost the immune system.
  • Lavender: a soft shade of purple the embodies feminine compassion, activates the crown & third eye chakra, and strengthens the intuitive soul. Lavender is known to ease stress, reduce inflammation, promotes a restful sleep, and improves the mood.

*I have used this tea blend to heal menstrual cramps and ease stress.


Crystal Herbalism 

Tara is a Buddhist Goddess that was formed from a tear which fell gracefully to the ground and formed a lake. Out of the silken blue waters rose up a lotus, and her Tara emerged.

Tara is a protector, a mother of all goddess, and a healer. She helps you overcome obstacles, manifest goals, spark creativity, and find peaceful flow in your journey. Tara is connected to the energy of water and the earth.

I have been working with Tara and her energy to find that she brings clarity to situations where you feel emotionally blocked, she provides compassion to help you overcome struggle, she also allows you to find strength within your spiritual path. Tara provides protection during your earthly and spiritual travels.

Take time and connect with Tara as you sip the tea and mediate with your crystals. Feel the river of her peaceful energy flow through you.

Tara Tea

  • 1 tsp Chamomile
  • ½ tsp Lavender
  • ½ tsp Rose Petals
  • ½ tsp Spearmint
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root

Crystals: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Celestite, Moonstone

Goddess Tara Statue is from SacredSymbolStudios

Burn a Lavender Candle to strengthen your Intuition & Awaken Visions

Write an intention that you have seen grow since the new moon and add to its roots. Nourish it with affirmations.

Meditate with labradorite and aquamarine. This will bring the your souls path from the star into view. Fluid the watery night with welcome time for solitude, magic, and peaceful reflection.