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Reign of the Fae

Reign of the Fae

A world draped in magic. (photos found on my pinterest)

crystalherbalism: Lilac Daydreams – one of t…


Lilac Daydreams one of the highest vibration stones to evoke spiritual growth. Elestial stones are a unique kind of crystal due to their layering and sprouting formation.They are connected with the elite spiritual realms and the beings there.

  • Elestial/Cathedral Growth 
  • Size: 6 ½" x 4" x 3"
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 4 oz 
  • Price: $300

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My Rose Quartz Alter 💗 It has taken years t…

My Rose Quartz Alter 💗

It has taken years to find the beauty in my past, but now that I see the golden light within my shadow, I am able to feel whole. During my journey I have found sanctuary in the loving energy of Rose Quartz. It has been a compassionate and empowering vibration, a divine beacon.

Another Spell Jar

I’ve yet to take a picture of it since my phone is out of space for new pictures and I need to fix that, but I made another spell jar! This one I filled with black tea, pennyroyal, meadowsweet, marjoram, lavender flower, spearmint leaf, and lemon balm. I created it to help me find inner peace and balance, as well as cultivating inner and outer strength and combating depression to bring more happiness into my life.

Strength Spell Jar

I decided to modify my idea for a spell to boost strength, and made it into a spell jar! I put mugwort, St. John’s wort, and poke root in it, and took a picture that I hope isn’t too awful. I’m planning on making more in the near future and improving my technique!

The Duality of Energy

All things in our world recognize duality in one way or another. Light and shadow, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, etc., etc. It is this duality which is embodied by the concept of yin and yang: two opposites which are components to completing one another and achieving the Absolute. This is the way of the universe.

This duality is also integral to how we use herbs, minerals, and other components to our magic spells. The idea of projective and receptive energy lies at the core of implementing items to our magic, and while I can’t possibly go into all the dualities there are, I can make a start. Projective energy is electric where receptive energy is magnetic. Receptive elements are water and earth, where as the projective elements are fire and air. Where projective energy is masculine, receptive energy is feminine. A projective ritual tool would be an athame, whereas a receptive ritual tool would be a cup. The Moon embodies receptive energies, where as projective energies reside in the Sun.

In any form of magic you might practice, you must understand that, just as the yinyang has black within white and white within black, there is no object that is exclusively projective without some receptive energies in it. Whether you’re male or female or identify differently, whatever your personality type, whatever element or elements you align with, you contain within you everything needed for magic, and the opposite to everything can be found within you, as well – and you have the power to unite these opposites and achieve duality, thereby unlocking the secrets of magic and life.

I’d like to go into this subject more when I’m feeling better, but I’ve been very tired and depressed for the past little bit, when my time hasn’t been consumed by little distractions. I have lots of plans for future posts, though, and I deeply appreciate the patience all of you have for me. Look forward to more advances in Occulleaism in the near future!

A Spell for Strength

I was feeling weak in body, mind, and spirit recently, so I cast a spell this morning to help me channel my strength!

I mixed together mugwort, St. John’s wort, and poke root in a glass bowl, channeling some energy into it. Then, I charged my red jasper and one of my quartz crystals, and added them to the bowl. 

I took a deep breath of the herbs’ aroma, and visualized a fiery red light issuing from the bowl and filling my body.

Today I went for my first good morning run in a while, and did 100 bicycle kicks as well as 100 oblique crunches.

So, I think it went splendidly!

When your fiance has become a wizard!!! #lawma…

When your fiance has become a wizard!!! #lawmagic #magic #wizard #lawyerwizard

My First Love Spell

I did some qigong first, and then selected the herbs I wanted to use. I went with raspberry leaf, olive leaf, and thyme leaf. Then, I went out on the porch, and meditated while I felt the breeze. I uttered an incantation while doing a visualization of my friend’s upcoming date going well, then tossed the herbs to the wind. It definitely felt like it worked!