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The Duality of Energy

All things in our world recognize duality in one way or another. Light and shadow, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, etc., etc. It is this duality which is embodied by the concept of yin and yang: two opposites which are components to completing one another and achieving the Absolute. This is the way of the universe.

This duality is also integral to how we use herbs, minerals, and other components to our magic spells. The idea of projective and receptive energy lies at the core of implementing items to our magic, and while I can’t possibly go into all the dualities there are, I can make a start. Projective energy is electric where receptive energy is magnetic. Receptive elements are water and earth, where as the projective elements are fire and air. Where projective energy is masculine, receptive energy is feminine. A projective ritual tool would be an athame, whereas a receptive ritual tool would be a cup. The Moon embodies receptive energies, where as projective energies reside in the Sun.

In any form of magic you might practice, you must understand that, just as the yinyang has black within white and white within black, there is no object that is exclusively projective without some receptive energies in it. Whether you’re male or female or identify differently, whatever your personality type, whatever element or elements you align with, you contain within you everything needed for magic, and the opposite to everything can be found within you, as well – and you have the power to unite these opposites and achieve duality, thereby unlocking the secrets of magic and life.

I’d like to go into this subject more when I’m feeling better, but I’ve been very tired and depressed for the past little bit, when my time hasn’t been consumed by little distractions. I have lots of plans for future posts, though, and I deeply appreciate the patience all of you have for me. Look forward to more advances in Occulleaism in the near future!

A Spell for Strength

I was feeling weak in body, mind, and spirit recently, so I cast a spell this morning to help me channel my strength!

I mixed together mugwort, St. John’s wort, and poke root in a glass bowl, channeling some energy into it. Then, I charged my red jasper and one of my quartz crystals, and added them to the bowl. 

I took a deep breath of the herbs’ aroma, and visualized a fiery red light issuing from the bowl and filling my body.

Today I went for my first good morning run in a while, and did 100 bicycle kicks as well as 100 oblique crunches.

So, I think it went splendidly!

When your fiance has become a wizard!!! #lawma…

When your fiance has become a wizard!!! #lawmagic #magic #wizard #lawyerwizard

My First Love Spell

I did some qigong first, and then selected the herbs I wanted to use. I went with raspberry leaf, olive leaf, and thyme leaf. Then, I went out on the porch, and meditated while I felt the breeze. I uttered an incantation while doing a visualization of my friend’s upcoming date going well, then tossed the herbs to the wind. It definitely felt like it worked!

Status Update

I’ve started doing more yoga and qigong, and it’s very revitalizing! I’ve also started working out more. Yesterday I did 300 side-to-side hops and 50 jumping jacks, as well as 35 squats, 35 calf lifts, and 35 bridges! I think I might go for a jog today, if the weather stays nice. I’ve unfortunately been kind of getting out-of-touch with my magic, so I think I’m going to draw some sigils and do a tarot reading today. I also haven’t been enjoying nearly enough tea, and need to change that!

The Goddess for Me

Now, as you’ve probably all guessed, my extensive research isn’t limited to plants, crystals, spells, and things like that. In addition to those, I do extensive research into things like Buddhism, Druidism, and various other belief systems. While I think they all have an innate truth to them, there is one belief system and one deity that has inspired me like no other.

Gnosticism. Believed by many Christians to be the most heretical of heresy, Gnostics are believed to have believed (I say as so very little of their work remains intact, and we must often rely on outside commentators who did not think fondly of them) that the world is inherently, innately flawed. The world was not created by an innately benevolent God, but by a flawed, perhaps one would even call malicious Demiurge.

However, this is not all there is to it! The Gnostics believed there is one truly perfect entity somewhere out there. The Monad, The One, the perfection whose light engulfs all that is holy. Within this light, known as the Pleroma, existed various benevolent emanations of the One known as the Aeons. These Aeons were paired in male and female syzygies who complemented each other and are believed by many to have begotten each other. An example of a syzygy would be Zoe (”life”) and Logos (”word”). Duality is an important thing in Gnosticism, as it is in Taoism, but that’s a post for another time.

The outlier among the female Aeons was Sophia, “wisdom.” She was, in some respects, completely infatuated with The Monad. Some remark on how she tried to get so close to The One, she almost was absorbed back into them, and had to be saved by another Aeon who enforced boundaries between all things. Some texts seem to attest to her having an avid artistic side, which makes her role her all the more beautiful, in my opinion.

So infatuated was Sophia with The One and their light that, when she looked down into the abyss beyond the Pleroma and saw the reflection of The One’s light, she dove down to catch it, as if fetching a pearl from the dark waters. Upon entering the abyss, my research seems to suggest that by her mere presence, terrible entities (including the Demiurge) manifested, holding her hostage and tormenting her as they stole her light and power of creation, set to work truly terrible things in the darkness.

Yet Sophia could not be truly bested, and she regained her light and her power. She pitied the foul things that had come into existence because of her, and despite its terrible nature, she still loved the world they had created. She could not make this world perfect, but she could make it possible to live within. She could add beauty and goodness to temper death, disease, hunger, and all the things which make life so very, very hard. She could provide its residents all with a soul that could be saved when the world reached its conclusion, and she could bring those souls with her to the Pleroma when the time was right. She would not return a moment before that appointed time.

I believe that we see expressions of Sophia in various important goddesses, though perhaps not all of them. We see her in the Mother Goddess of the Earth, in Gaea and Pachimama and the like; indeed, one name I’ve become taken with is “Gaea Sophia.” We see her in Guan Yin, the Chinese “Mother of All Buddhas” who chose to turn back at the cusp of Nirvana because she heard all the world’s lamentations, and would not leave before she could save all of them. She is the Muse, as well, and she is the reason magic is possible, I believe.

I believe that Gaea Sophia has granted all things a soul. Not just humans, but crystals, plants, animals, the stars, everything. We all have a soul that’s connected to her own greater cosmic soul, and it is from this that the Power flows through all things. The Power is the capacity to use or be used for magic of any kind, and although it resides in some things more than others, it is indeed in all things.

And I believe that the Power truly is love. Gaea Sophia truly loved our messed-up world with every messed-up thing that inhabited it, and even if our perception of her is foggy, she gave us all the means to make things better with our time here. Magic, divination, the Law of Attraction… It’s all her love for us, and it’s why magic must be practiced with love.

Whether or not I’m right in all of this, it’s impossible to say. However, I think it’s plain to see that our world is imperfect, but also that it has an innate beauty and potential for goodness – no, greatness in all things. And when I see certain signs, or make a divination, or feel the uplifting rush of a successful spell, that’s all I need to know that everything’s going to be alright in the end.

Alchemy of Dreams

I had an idea for an alchemy-based spell that I wanted to share with all of you and see what you think! I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I’m planning to do so on Monday. So, feel free to wait until I’ve used myself as a test subject to see if you’d all like to use it yourselves!

You’re going to need a piece of paper, a pen or marker, an amethyst, a sodalite, a fluorite (preferably purple), three purple candles, some lavender oil, some salt, and a bottle of water. I know that this is quite a shopping list, but I’ve researched all of the components extensively, and they’re all invaluable to the kind of spell we want to do here!

Sodalite is a powerful stone for combating insomnia and promoting dream work, whilst amethyst encourages prophetic dreams, and fluorite helps to guide your astral body whilst sleeping. Purple candles are very helpful for spells that involve the mind or psychic subjects, such as the dreams we might want to have, but blue and white would also be fine for their relaxing and purifying nature. Lavender oil, meanwhile, is extremely helpful for sleep magic, and I encourage anyone with sleep issues to try putting a little bit on the underside of your pillow! Lastly, the salt will be used to keep unwanted energies out of the ritual, although I believe rice will also work in a pinch. I would recommend charging each item involved with your energy, and make sure to anoint all of the candles and crystals with lavender oil!

First, on the piece of paper, you draw the symbol for Aether: a right-side=up triangle superimposed over one that’s upside-down. Then, you draw a crescent moon inside of it. At the points of the right side-up triangle, place the crystals; at the points of the upside-down triangle, set up the candles. Then, set the water bottle in the center, before surrounding the whole thing with a circle of salt. Make sure you make the whole thing big enough that the candle won’t be right next to the water bottle! I’d advise using smaller candles for this, or potentially some kind of glass, ceramic, or metal container for the water. Melty plastic is not something you want to be a part of your life!

While the candles burn, focus  your energies on the spell. I’d recommend doing some meditation and possibly some qigong beforehand to focus all of your energies into it. Visualize yourself sleeping peacefully and having vivid, inspiring dreams. Then, recite this incantation:

Water and fire, I ask for thine aid

It is of thee that dreams are made

Undine and Salamander, I ask thee to keep

My spirit safe as I drift off to sleep

Then, allow the candles to burn down. Stay by the spell for a time, feeling your energy merging with it, knowing that this will be the gateway to restful, satisfying sleep and dreams that will help guide you. Keep in mind how rested and inspired you’ll be by letting this spell be a part of your life, and detach yourself from your concerns.

Finally, keep the vessel of water by your bed, and take a little sip whenever you’re winding down for sleep. Don’t drink a whole lot of it, and I’d advise not drinking water immediately before lying down to rest, but make the drink a part of your nightly routine as you wind down for bed. If it doesn’t work, don’t treat it as any fault of your own – this is still an experimental spell that might need some refinement. It might just need crystals, candles, or a drink that personally suit you and your sleep better.

However it comes out, remember that magic is an incredibly personal process that transforms and is transformed by each individual that takes part in it. Not every spell is a perfect fit for every person, but somewhere out there (or, more likely, somewhere within you) is exactly the spell you need.

Blessed be.

Practickal Habits of Modern Witches

1.) If you don’t have a candle holder, have no fear! Light the candle, then hold it so it’s angled slightly towards a small plate or bowl beneath it. Let some of the molten wax dribble down onto it, then set the bottom of the candle there. Give it a chance to harden and set up again, and now, you’ve got a stable candle that’s ready for magck! Remember to always keep a close eye on your candles and keep a fire extinguisher where it can readily be deployed to the vicinity of your altar. An ounce of prevention goes a long way!

2.) You don’t necessarily need to take on a physical animal as your familiar, if you can’t find one that resonates with you. If an animal occurs a lot around you, even only in effigy, then consider treating it as a familiar in a mental and spiritual sense. Research the animal and what it represents. Draw the familiar often, or sculpt it, or carry objects that are made in its image if necessary. When you feel like you need guidance or help with a spell, visualize the familiar and humbly invite its aid into the ritual.

3.) Use whatever helps you get in the Zone for spellcasting! Meditate, do qigong, listen to music, draw, paint, drink herbal tea or wine… Whatever personally resonates with you and makes you feel powerful. I personally like to listen to rock music and then do a little bit of qigong before I cast a spell, to bring out my energy and then harness it for spellcasting. Just go with where the energy wants to flow, and allow it to find its way into your spell!


A tough customer of an herb if ever there was one, gorse is similar to the protagonist of a good detective novel: a toughened, prickly exterior hiding a soul of genuine beauty. Also known as broom, frey, furze, gorst, and goss among other names, gorse’s many spiny branches and upright yellow flowers make it stand out in the waste places of Britain and other parts of Europe where it often grows wild.


Energy ~ Masculine

Planet ~ Mars, the Sun

Element ~ Fire

Deities ~ Jupiter, Thor, Lugh

Zodiac ~ n/a

Growing in the unforgiving lands of the heath, common, or moor, gorse is not exactly a plant that needs babying if you intend to garden it. Gorse is ever-flowering and its seeds are ever-germinating, so on the contrary, it can be a bit of a handful if you’re not prepared! It prefers, but doesn’t exactly need sandy, slightly acidic soil, and what it requires most is abundant direct sunlight. It can be burned back to rein it in if it starts to spread out of control, but even fire won’t stop this flower completely!

Though not as replete with medicinal uses as some of the herbs I’ve covered in the past, gorse is nevertheless a very versatile and useful plant! When crushed up, it makes good animal feed, and it burns extremely well, making it excellent fuel for old-fashioned ovens and the like. It can be used as a substitute for tea, the seeds (which burst out with a fantastic crackling noise) are highly nutritious, the flowers make a vibrant yellow dye, and while it’s growing, the many briars serve well as a shelter for young trees, as well as at keeping livestock or other animals from wandering in or out of a place!

Similarly, it’s said that this thorny plant can keep unwanted visitors of the supernatural variety, like certain faeries, at bay. In addition to protection from evil, gorse is known to attract gold, and thus finds great use in money spells! Said to give hope to the hopeless and ease life’s most terrible frustrations, gorse is used to bolster faith, abate jealousy, and increase optimism. It’s also used in love magick and for spells of gathering strength!

I feel like, since I’ve been on a kick with the Celtic Zodiac signs and such, I would be remiss to not mention gorse’s place in Druidic lore. A voracious light-seeker, gorse reminds us to always pursue the brighter places in life and take the high road. Do what feels right, not what abides by convention; follow your own spiritual sense for what’s best for you. If life has put you in a dark shadow, then pursue your own path back to the sunshine!

In flower language, gorse means “Love in all seasons.”

Some Basic Thoughts on Alchemy’s Three Basic C…

I’ve been studying alchemy and its symbols a lot lately, and it’s really helped me to define what I believe about my own magickal practices! I wanted to share some basic ideas without really much planning, and see how it works out!

The three symbols in alchemy represent a trinity, a powerful thing in so many religious and magical practices. As alchemists used symbols and code-words to refer to so many concepts, it takes some creative interpretation to figure out what the philosophical side of their studies entailed.

Salt represents, in short, the body. It represents the physical matter of the world. However, one must remember the key words of the Emerald Tablet: “As above, so below.” This means that matter is not in any way separated from thought, as we’ll cover in time.

Mercury represents the spirit or mind. Mercury is the embodiment of thought and will, and all that this entails. I guess you could say it’s the personality, the will, and the conscious thought of a person or thing. I personally believe that all matter has some form of consciousness or another, but that’s not what we’re discussing right now.

Sulfur is the soul of the matter. Sulfur represents the primary reason to be and the origin of both mind and body. The soul is the origin of all things, and it is from the soul that consciousness, or Mercury flows and matter is arranged or rearranged into what we recognize as Salt, or the body.

So, what this all boils down to is what I believe is an incredibly important mental position to take on magic. “As above, so below” means “That which moves in  what is above will move in what is below.” What your soul desires and what your mind can visualize will manifest in the physical world, if allowed to do so.

In our modern lives (and indeed, likely for most people throughout history, if alchemical texts, Taoist texts, and various other ancient texts try to teach), we’re so convinced that we have to force things to happen through physical effort that we stifle our mind’s ability to work through the problem and materialize a solution just by focusing on how much we need it, and how good it will feel to have it.

Divination, talismans, spells of any kind… It all comes back to the soul, the natural origin point that resides in all things. Magic isn’t a power you need to borrow or use to coerce the universe into giving you something. It’s your way of communicating your desire to the universe, and giving your thoughts a way to most easily manifest in the world.

Nothing in the universe is ever truly created or destroyed; matter, energy, and information are merely transformed from one state to another. When you draw, you merely leave graphite from your pencil in a trail on the page; when you erase it, you pull that graphite off with the rubber filings left behind. When you type something up or delete it on your computer, your taps of the keys communicate to the device how to display its internal processes on screen.

When you cast a spell, you transform the energy in crystals, candles, herbs, what-have-you into a change in the physical world, no matter how subtle or drastic. When you make a divination, you are sending a request into the cosmos to reveal its internal processes and help you figure out your next course of action.

Magic is just as natural as drawing, typing, eating, and breathing, and it’s a power that we have all been gifted with in order that we may craft the life we desire most for ourselves. Why is this the case? Well, I have some beliefs on that that I’d like to share sometime.

For now, I hope this rambling mess of a post made some kind of sense to you all! I’m trying to develop my own working theory on magic and what I believe about it, so I hope this helps you all out as much as it did me!