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Crystal Herbalism – Water Goddess Stone An oc…

Crystal Herbalism – Water Goddess Stone

An ocean lives within its aqua hues. As I hold it, I can feel the ebb and flow of its energy. Peaceful, it lulls me into watery daydream. 

Emotional clarity occurs when we take the time to listen, to feel what wants to be felt. Depths of our ocean, we dive deeper. Fluid, burst open, we flow. Dive deep, embrace your waves, and honor the feelings that begins to rise to the surface.

With dreamy colors of blue, green, and creamy white, this ocean gem is a ancient talisman of courage, peace, and deep healing. Watery energy, ocean jasper is a calming stone that works closely with the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra. Like the oceans tides, this stone is reflective, cleansing, and empowering. 

  • Nurturing
  • Protection
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Lunar Energy: New & Full Moon
  • Mermaid & Water Nymph Connection

This blue ocean jasper stone was bought from ZingaraEnchantments on Etsy, a crystal shop that is abundant in divine treasures.

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Came home to so many metaphorical fires. Tomorrow morning its time for some intense cleansing and spellwork! This house is going to be so magical and full of good vibes that, anything made tomorrow is gonna be super magical!

See the world of Faerie through my eyes.

See the world of Faerie through my eyes.

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crystalherbalism: Wander into the numinous rea…


Wander into the numinous
realm of the goddess. Discover the legend and magic behind your
favorite divine female spirit. 

This series will be a month long, starting September 1st – 30th. Everyday a new goddess will emerge with:

  • Myth Meaning
  • Mantra
  • Symbolism
  • Crystal, moon, element, & flower affiliation
  • Spell/offering/blessing
  • Herbal tea recipe

DM me @ CrystalHerbalism with your goddess recommendation!

Illuminated Being Mandala

Illuminated Being Mandala

Citrine is a crystal that embodies solar energy. Rooting deep into courage, manifestation, and prosperity. Shining light onto the center of the body, our inner fire is comforted by the golden hues of Citrine. Like a dreamy summer, this mini mandala honors the earth’s gentle shifting into autumn. Crowning us in the watery sunlight of the divine, we bow to the reign of goddess. 

I think this is one of my favorite pictures lo…

I think this is one of my favorite pictures lol #sostella #blackbride #bride

Personalized Spiritual Kit 

Personalized Spiritual Kit 

You will receive a Personalized Spiritual Kit based on your cosmic blueprint (your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sun), lifestyle, and birth moon.

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You will receive a 3 page minimum PDF of:

  • personalized tea recipes
  • crystal & goddess recommendations (with pictures)
  • spiritual advice 
  • journaling prompts
  • oracle reading by me (written & emailed)
  • lunar ritual