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“Flow Like Water” — 
at the stream. There are rocks in its way. Does it slam into them out
of frustration? No, it simply flows over and around them and moves
on. Be like the water and you will know what harmony is.

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The Reiki in this photo is to assist you with …

The Reiki in this photo is to assist you with meditation.
In fact, you can meditate, just by opening the photo,
by breathing in for 4 counts, holding for 4 counts and breathing
out for 4 counts. Do this for 3 minutes to start and then slowly
start adding more time. Of course, you can do this
for any of my videos as well. Here is a link to the
corresponding video,
Blessings, Lourdes

Some Self-Analysis

I recently realized that i have, without realizing it at first, kind of been undergoing the process of Nigredo! That is to say, the alchemical, self-transforming process of identifying and understanding one’s own flaws. I’ve been trying to draw my negative emotions to the surface to come to terms with them, and look at what I can let go of and what I can refine.

A couple of things I’ve found out recently have helped with that! I’ve found that my elemental affinity seems to be Water, which has helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I’ve been trying to not only embrace my primary attribute more by using water in my spells (like submerging my sigils in water to activate them), but also to find how to balance Water with the other elements that my life seems to lack, like Fire.

To keep with the Water element, I’ve also been researching some water elemental animal spirits I can channel to help me with my magic! The otter was the first one I looked at, but I’ve found myself identifying most strongly with the octopus. The octopus is an immensely complex spirit representing attributes as diverse as will, reason, focus, strategy, mystery, illusion, defense, and magic. The octopus also comes with general water attributes like psyche, emotions, and I believe also healing!

In addition, the octopus — with its ability to detach limbs to distract predators — represents something like the discernment of what to let go and what to keep, which I think will be very helpful for undergoing Nigredo. I’m going to analyze what of myself needs to stay and what needs to go, and try to cope with it by remembering that the octopus regrows the limbs it detaches: things that I let go of are still a part of me, and can be re-integrated later.

So I’m planning to channel the octopus while I’m meditating, spellcasting, and things like that, as well as embracing my Water element more while pursuing balance with the other elements in my life. I’m going to start making crystal elixirs to drink, as well as possibly making infusions. Sorry to randomly make a post talking about myself, I’m just kind of excited!




Hello witchy friends! 🌙

I’ve been looking a lot into alchemy lately. I have always been interested in it but I’ve never actually studied it until recently, and I’ve found a lot of interesting ideas.
First of all – what is alchemy? There are many definitions of it. Superficially, alchemy is said to be the art of transmuting less valuable metals into gold. But after looking a bit deeper, we find that alchemy is much more than that. The alchemist’s work, referred to as the opus, is to find what is called the “philosopher’s stone”, a substance which allows the alchemist to transmute any kind of matter at their own will. At this point we see how alchemy is closer to modern magick than it is to a rudimentary form of chemistry: it is the idea that consciousness (or, for the ancient alchemists, soul) is capable of influencing the material world.
Alchemy is not just about working in a laboratory and observing chemical reactions; the ancient alchemists themselves have made it very clear in many of their manuscripts that the greatest and most important part of the alchemical opus is to transmute oneself, and be reborn. 

“The soul, however, has absolute and independent power to do other things than those the body can grasp. But, when it so desires, it has the greatest power over the body, for otherwise our philosophy would be in vain. Thou canst conceive the greater, for we have opened the gates unto thee.”

Excerpt From: Jung, C. G., Hull, R. F.C., Adler, Gerhard. “Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 12: Psychology and Alchemy.” 

What the alchemists were seeking was not a mere material object or substance. The ultime goal of alchemy is the deification of oneself. 

The alchemical transmutation goes through four stages. 

  • Nigredo: the most chaotic and primordial state of matter. To obtain this, the alchemist must go through a process of decomposition and putrefaction, facing the darkest aspects of themselves.
  • Albedo: light emerges from the darkness. This stage is strongly associated with the moon and it’s a phase of purification and enlightenment.
  • Citrinitas: the light becomes strong and powerful. This stage is connected with the energy of the sun. In this moment, the alchemist understands their own godlike power.
  • Rubedo: the ultimate goal of the opus. This stage represents the coagulation of consciousness and matter: the alchemist is able to apply their power and transform reality to their own will.

These four stages and their meaning will probably appear mysterious and unclear to most people. My suggestion to anyone who wants to look deeper into these concepts is to do their own research and to spend some time meditating on them. I think that when it comes to magick, especially alchemy, it’s crucial to find our own personal meaning to the things we study.

This is a very complex subject and to those who are interested I also recommend reading C. J. Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy. It contains a very in-depth analysis of these concepts, presented from a psychoanalytic point of view. 

So here’s some practical suggestions if you’re interested in practicing alchemy:

  • Practice meditation and visualisation. This is so important for any kind of magick! Learning to control your own thoughts and imagination is crucial for the alchemical work.
  • Think about the four stages of alchemical transmutation and what they mean to you personally. Alchemy is a process of personal growth.
  • Love and cherish who you are. Alchemy is not about the worship of any God, it’s about awakening the God within yourself. 
  • Be curious and aware of the many different forms of matter in the world. Study the physical, chemical and spiritual qualities of stones, crystals, metals, plants and animals.
  • Think of the universe as a cyclical, never-ending process. Be aware that your perception of time is relative and not absolute. 
  • Experiment and have fun! Don’t be discouraged by how difficult and mysterious alchemy appears to be. Alchemists spent most of their lives in their laboratories because alchemy is not just philosophy, it is a practical knowledge.  

This post has helped me immensely!

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Build up a Buddha min and have some soul food

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I recently discovered a concept in magic that’s apparently one of the most important of the basics, but I’d never heard of it before: Shielding!

Shielding is a method that witches or other mystical types can use to protect themselves from malignant influences. To manifest your shield, practice visualizing some kind of barrier around you, but one that will allow your energy to flow out for spells while keeping you safe from external energies!

What I tried doing is practicing some qigong, then meditating for about twenty minutes. I visualized white energy issuing from my chakras and vital points and gathering on the surface of my body, trying to keep it from dissipating into the environment around me.

My theory is that all human beings have an aura, but it’s usually very weak, with the energy drifting away uselessly. Qi, mana, Od, prana, whatever you want to call it, I believe that all human beings have it, but never use it.

it’s what’s used for magic (or at least, that’s my theory), and things like qigong help to harness it!

What do you guys, gals, and others think?

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Every morning I walk to work, along the towe…

Every morning I walk to work, along the towers of glass and iron. But today I took a detour the moment I walked out my front door. I walked a block and came into contact with the rising sun. My lunar soul and solar being aligned. 

The blue hues of water were still, it’s ripples held its breath, weaving its way into calmness. Rays of soft sunlight blanketed the lake in gold. The clouds sketched themselves around the the sun, creating a third eye. I breathed in deep. Held onto the silence. And exhaled gratitude into the fluid breeze. 

I could have took my normal route to work but I chose to honor that intuitive pull, a divine guidance. I am the choices I make, I am a creation of the actions I take. And today I became the universe, nature, and love. Because I chose to lead with my heart.

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Awaken. Connect. Align. Our chakras are the e…

Awaken. Connect. Align.

Our chakras are the ecosystem of our wellbeing.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual, these balls of light and energy that make us who we are.

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