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Frog Medicine

So there was a frog on my door who decided not to move, when I tried to get into the car yesterday. I found this interesting because of my past encounters with frogs. My first encounter with a frog that was special enough to remember was when I was 7 years old. I was riding my bike and accidentally ran over a frogs legs. I quickly got off my bike and found a stick to scrunch his legs back up, and he just hopped away. The next few times I had seen frogs was in each place I have lived in the past 5 years (which has been 4 places). Each time the were no frogs until something was about to change in our situation.

What does frog medicine teach us?

Frogs are creatures of metamorphosis and versatility. They appear when we are about to go through a change or need to be flexible. They are also sensitive to their environment and tell us when we are living in stagnant conditions and need a fresh new environment in order to grow and expand in our power. This medicine is telling us to allow ourselves to change and adapt so we can be our best selves. Feel out the environment and know when something no longer serves you. Dont allow yourself to fall into the same monotonous habits that keep you stifled and embrace the changes that will only serve you in the long run. Are you ready to progress? Are you willing to make a change? The time is now.

This is your channeling for the week.