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Crystal Herbalism – Crystal Healer 

Blue Labradorite: guidance, imaginative, manifesting. Bringing clarity to your visions and dreams, this stone is your cosmic map for the spiritual realm. This numinous stone is connected to Arianrhod, the Welsh Goddess of the moon & stars.  

Crystal Herbalism – Venus Retrograde 

Hues of pastel pink illuminate the soul as Venus enters
retrograde. This feminine energy sparks a wildness with us, a vibrant
expression of compassion.
 The last time this feminine planet retrograded was
last spring and this new cycle will last till November 16th

cosmic transition welcomes reflection within the heart space, giving us the
time to review our relationships, including the intimate one with yourself. She blankets us in rosy starlight,
asking us “Are You Happy?”

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and abundance,
she is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Her planet is going to
get closer to the horizon and like Persephone, she then disappears into the underworld.
It is during this time of astrological darkness that we will be pushed to acknowledge
unresolved issues. Venus will also be ruling both the new moon and the full moon
this cycle, bringing self-worth into the spotlight.

Crystal: During this retrograde have rose quartz become your companion. This crystal will be the light you need as you wade though moments of darkness in your reflections. Rose quartz is a goddess stone providing you with protection, divine wisdom, and loving nourishment.

Essential Oils to work with: Rose, Geranium, and Plumeria. These floral scents will activate your heart chakra. 

Retrograde Mantra: My Greatest Strength Is Love.

Venus Retrograde Journal Prompts: SELF-WORTH

  • What is your hearts true desire?
  • How can you improve your self-care practice?
  • How would you define self-worth?
  • What are you worthy of?
  • In what ways can you love yourself more?

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The full moon is a symbol of manifestation, mystical intuition, and divine connection. By the guidance of the full moon, an empowering energy. I will be able to answer your most desired questions, give you advice, and lead you to the next step within your journey.

Cosmic Blueprint is a 1 month challenge customized to your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. Using your astrological signs, each week will be personalized to your energy and planets. This challenge will allow you to learn more about the way you think, feel, and act based on your cosmic blueprint. Developing a deeper spiritual practice and new rituals to use to manifest a divine life.

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Crystal Herbalism: Full Moon

Breathe. Flow. Manifest.

This is a time to express gratitude, harvest your intentions, and celebrate magick. 

The full moon brings abundance, creates a hunger for us to spend money because it makes us FEEL good. You will be influenced solely by your emotional tide today. 

The Peak of psychic power and heightened cosmic energy. Your connection to the divine realm is rich with messages. Be aware of the signs that higher powers are sending to you. Mystic.

The full moon is a warrior, courageously present. Paint yourself in its silvery light, blend your flesh with its earthy glow. 

You are the moon. Your soul has a lunar pulse. Own your cosmic soul, the fluid power within you. Because brave hearts are a product reclaiming the illuminated darkness within you. 

Lunar Awakening Program

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New Moon

The New Moon rises tomorrow. Its shadowy reign illuminates our emotions. We feel the ebb and flow of our thoughts, the fluid waves pulling us to reality. Dazed yet grounded, we awaken with a craving for comfort and radical love.
This new moon tend to your emotional self. Listen. Nurture. Release. Heal.

  • Black Moonstone: shadow self, reflection, intuition 
  • Aquamarine: creative fluidity, peace, renewal

Photo created by me. Inspired by #tunetothemoon