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Crystal Herbalism – Venus Retrograde 

Hues of pastel pink illuminate the soul as Venus enters
retrograde. This feminine energy sparks a wildness with us, a vibrant
expression of compassion.
 The last time this feminine planet retrograded was
last spring and this new cycle will last till November 16th

cosmic transition welcomes reflection within the heart space, giving us the
time to review our relationships, including the intimate one with yourself. She blankets us in rosy starlight,
asking us “Are You Happy?”

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and abundance,
she is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Her planet is going to
get closer to the horizon and like Persephone, she then disappears into the underworld.
It is during this time of astrological darkness that we will be pushed to acknowledge
unresolved issues. Venus will also be ruling both the new moon and the full moon
this cycle, bringing self-worth into the spotlight.

Crystal: During this retrograde have rose quartz become your companion. This crystal will be the light you need as you wade though moments of darkness in your reflections. Rose quartz is a goddess stone providing you with protection, divine wisdom, and loving nourishment.

Essential Oils to work with: Rose, Geranium, and Plumeria. These floral scents will activate your heart chakra. 

Retrograde Mantra: My Greatest Strength Is Love.

Venus Retrograde Journal Prompts: SELF-WORTH

  • What is your hearts true desire?
  • How can you improve your self-care practice?
  • How would you define self-worth?
  • What are you worthy of?
  • In what ways can you love yourself more?

Crystal Herbalism – Water Goddess Stone

An ocean lives within its aqua hues. As I hold it, I can feel the ebb and flow of its energy. Peaceful, it lulls me into watery daydream. 

Emotional clarity occurs when we take the time to listen, to feel what wants to be felt. Depths of our ocean, we dive deeper. Fluid, burst open, we flow. Dive deep, embrace your waves, and honor the feelings that begins to rise to the surface.

With dreamy colors of blue, green, and creamy white, this ocean gem is a ancient talisman of courage, peace, and deep healing. Watery energy, ocean jasper is a calming stone that works closely with the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra. Like the oceans tides, this stone is reflective, cleansing, and empowering. 

  • Nurturing
  • Protection
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Lunar Energy: New & Full Moon
  • Mermaid & Water Nymph Connection

This blue ocean jasper stone was bought from ZingaraEnchantments on Etsy, a crystal shop that is abundant in divine treasures.

Personalized Spiritual Kit 

You will receive a Personalized Spiritual Kit based on your cosmic blueprint (your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sun), lifestyle, and birth moon.

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You will receive a 3 page minimum PDF of:

  • personalized tea recipes
  • crystal & goddess recommendations (with pictures)
  • spiritual advice 
  • journaling prompts
  • oracle reading by me (written & emailed)
  • lunar ritual

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest self-healing and balance by connecting to the moons energy each week. The focus will be on transforming the way we think and act (mentally, physically, spiritually) while connecting us to our inner goddess energy.

Crystal Herbalism Shop 

My darling got me a number of reiki crystals for Valentine’s Day, so I’ve decided to get right into clearing them and charging them up! I’d advise all of my fellow spellcasters out there take an opportunity today to clear your crystals and other ritual items. Tonight is a full moon, so right now is the best time to un-clutter the energy in your items and domain in general! I’m planning on doing some cleaning and tidying up, and maybe trying to purify my atelier a bit.

Crystal Herbalism- Witchy Love

1 tsp Spearmint

½ tsp Licorice Root

½ Lavender

½ Hibiscus

A pinch of Vanilla & Ginger

Drink to enhance your magick, intuition, mental powers, and visions. Provides psychic protection, lucid dreams, and connection to the earth. 

Drinking on a Full Moon, New Moon, & Eclipses will enhance the properties.

The new moon has a shadowy presence that illuminates what needs to be seen. It gives us the time to dive deeper inward, to sit with our emotions. Devotion to the self becomes our priority, we find our bodies craving a nurturing touch. Divine, Feminine, and Magical. This moon is the goddess of self reflection and transformation. Shedding the past, healing in the moment, and sending love into the future. Tonight under this inky moon we bow to ourselves, the cosmic creation within.



Cosmic Living 

A monthly challenge customized to your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. Using your astrological signs, each week will be personalized to your energy and planets. This challenge will allow you to learn more about the way you think, feel, and act based on your cosmic blueprint. Developing a deeper spiritual practice and new rituals to use to manifest a divine life. Learn More

Lunar Awakening Program

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest self-healing and balance by connecting to the moons energy each week. The focus will be on transforming your lifestyle while connecting us to our inner goddess energy. Learn More