Category: obsidian arrowhead

Goodness, it’s been a long time since I did a spell under the full moon like I did last night! I’m more of a morning lark, so I have difficulties staying up late enough for the moon to get above the forest trees where I live. But I managed it last night, and it felt incredible!

The full moon last night was in Sagittarius, as was Saturn. So, I tried to channel some adventurous, driven Fire energy (considering it was Tuesday as well), in addition to the deeper, flowing energies of the moon and the more concentrated, task-oriented energies of Saturn. To do this, I used my obsidian arrowhead to help channel energy into my red jasper and into myself.

It was totally wild! I could feel the red jasper heating up as I held it up to the moon, the warmth radiating onto my fingers. Energy was swirling around and through my body, too! And today, I’ve felt a lot more driven overall, and haven’t had to rely as much on certain crutches like sugar!

I cast a protection spell for a friend in a dangerous situation yesterday! I sprinkled a circle of lavender flower, lemon balm, and spearmint leaf (lavender and lemon balm both have protective qualities, and spearmint leaf seems to augment other agents) in the bottom of a small bowl, before setting a black candle up in the center! I lit the candle, then dripped some of the melting wax to make a place to stick it so it stood upright safely. Then, I held my obsidian arrowhead while visualizing an archer shooting down anything which could threaten my friend, and uttered an incantation.

Fall once, Spring rain.

Flash twice, Summer lightning.

Rage thrice, Autumn wind.

Sound at last, Winter thunder.

That’s roughly how I started it, but I forgot the rest!