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Crystal Herbalism – ‘Tis The Season Of The Witch 

October, the month of the blood moon and Samhain, a time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest. I welcomed the 1st with a protection spell for my home.

For the ritual I used clear quartz, a white pumpkin, my pentacle, and a black candle. I rang my Tibetan bell, lite my black candle, and cast my circle. n the silence of the morning, under the transition between the moon and sun, I began my spell. 

“I call upon my spirit guides, witch ancestors, and Goddess. I welcome thee into my circle, bringing light to the shadows that linger in the October sky. For no spirit, good or bad, can enter my home without my permission. May their asking be only kind, for my home is protected by the divine.”

I walked around my apartment with a root chakra singing bowl, allowing its deeps tones to push out stagnant/negative energy so the positive could fill the space. Once I was done I blew out the black candle and placed it on my alter, a reminder of the protection spell that pulsates throughout my home.

  • Clear Quartz: clarity, intention, manifestation, magnifies energy
  • Pentacle: amulet, witchcraft, five elements, ancestry
  • Pumpkin: autumn, abundance, divination, banishing
  • Black Candle: absorbs negativity, mystery, cleansing

Blood Full Moon

On this October night, the moon reigns with a red glow. Touched with the fiery energy and creative spirit of Aries. The full blood moon brings forth manifestation, rebirth, and crone wisdom. 

Darkness beacons us to sit with our emotions, to dive deeper inward. Refection takes place, our intuitive presence becomes heightened. Nature is beginning to travel back into the warm earth, to begin its transition into hibernation and healing. We must do the same. Nurture our spirits within the womb of Gaia. Blanket our bodies in the roots of who we are to find comfort in the self. 

The Blood Moon reminds us that our bodies bleed with purpose, we cycle with the lunar energy. We are transformed each month, shedding part of ourselves that no longer suit us. Feminine. Goddess. Earth. We flow into the cyclical motions of nature, cosmic, we evolve enlightened. 

Blood Moon Tea

  • 1 tsp Black Tea
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon Powder
  • ½ Licorice Root
  • 1 Pinch Ginger