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Feeling kinda powerless that I can’t help someone in need. Its killing me inside. I wish I wasn’t dealing with economic trouble myself.

I have a whole master’s of science degree in herbalism, a bachelors in biology, help so many people with herbal medicine, come from a family of healers, and I am still going through imposter syndrome…wtf brain get it together. You know your shit, just put it out there dammit.

According to the #Vedic calendar, today is #GuruPurnima, a #fullmoon day in July, which is dedicated to giving #gratitude to all the #Gurus (#teachers, #guides & #mentors) we meet on our path, including our own #Self.

#Everyone and #everything can be our teacher, if we are open to #learning.

#Life itself is our #greatest #teacher, giving us the #experiences and #challenges we need to #deepen our #awareness of life & ourselves and #evolve on our #personal #path.

✨ #HappyGuruPurnima ✨

Its crazy how the universe moves to get negative people out of your life.

I’m the kind of person who tries to keep my friends forever, I have never had a friend just not be a friend anymore. At least not until now. The universe was like “naw, this person isn’t ready for a friend like you.”

Like I’m not the best friend, but when you need me I’m there. I’m not good at constant communication, but I check on you from time to time because I care about you. I also never forget to say happy birthday, because I’m so happy you were born.

I kinda feel blessed to have the friends that I have because they recognize that I only want to see them happy and thriving. They are also amaxing friends that care about me as much as I care about them. They are really the best.

The universe be looking out.

For those of you that don’t know yet, I am on my last trimester of therapeutic clinical herbalism training. So I am a clinical herbalist and I have been doing this learning in a class setting for 4 years now. Before this degree, I received my Bachelor in Biology (another 4 years), which greatly contributed to my understanding of the micro and macro biological systems involved in the consumption of herbs. In a few months (3 months), I will have my masters of science in therapeutic herbalism with an AOC in clinical. If you don’t know what the differences in herbalist are, here is a link to my earlier post. I am also a yoga instructor, which has given me the tools to be able to provide a healing space for you to heal on multiple levels.

I am fully equipped to help you heal in the best way I know how. I want people who visit my page to know they are safe with me as a herbalist, and I am fully capable. So if you need a clinical herbalist, it would be my pleasure to help you heal you mind, body, and spirit.<3<3

Remembering a witch at my college that was rumored to be a goddess…

She had a little following of people who did whatever she asked and were completely loyal to her. She didn’t look anything like what you would think a goddess would look like, but her followers were all very different than the norm as well. I didn’t really know her on a personal level, so I couldn’t be sure of why they thought you was a goddess, except for superficial reasons. I lived with her for a small time. The thing I remember most this is the aries in me thinking, “I bet I am a goddess. I’m probably a goddess too.” Oh my aries ego lol

Idk why I was thinking about this, but it is cool to think there are people out their that could be gods and goddesses incarnate or at least pieces of them.

Realized today, that I might be a little more than clairesentient…idk what it actually is though…

I can feel thoughts, I guess?

I can feel the situation in past life visions?

I occasionally see magical strengths in people? (that one is new)

Idk…its some weird things I’m not sure I really understand yet, but I think it has everything to do with being in touch with the collective divine consciousness that links us together and the fact that my soul is on the more ancient side…idk.