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Winter Wellness Remedies | A Tribe of 3 Sisters:


 I am doing another webinar!!

A Tribe of 3 Sisters Herbal:


We now have online reiki and mommy coaching services!!! Yay!!!

Check us out!

Devil’s claw Info!

I could have probably done this better…poster will be slightly different.

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Aerielle Harris is creating Herbalism Videos and Recipes | Patreon:


I am going to be putting my herbal knowledge out there!!! Support me, supporting you!!  I am excited for you to discover with me. I am going to give a free informational document. If you give any amount, I will send you the document as a poster!!


Guys my patreon is up!!! Check it out! Be a patron!!! Paying this month pays for next months posts and rewards, so get in this early! My first post will be about devils claw!

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Obsessing over flowers!!! I need flowers!!!

Having flashes of flowers in my head, like tulips, peonies, Roses. Idk what’s happening, but its a amazing and weird. @political-minds give me flowers!!

When tea time is the best time!!!! I went running outside this morning in the cold for the first time. I was not well equipped for running in the cold, so of course I made myself, what I suspect to be a little sick. So.what do I do? I make a tea!
Chamomile (cause it’s 12 am)
Hawthorne (cause it’s great)
Of course my cold and flu tincture I make every year for just this occasion!

New loose leaf tea up on the site!!! Our psychic energy tea, ready to aid in your spiritual energy!

My elderberry video is up! I will post an actual post of the ingredients and stuff later 🙂