Category: red jasper

Goodness, it’s been a long time since I did a spell under the full moon like I did last night! I’m more of a morning lark, so I have difficulties staying up late enough for the moon to get above the forest trees where I live. But I managed it last night, and it felt incredible!

The full moon last night was in Sagittarius, as was Saturn. So, I tried to channel some adventurous, driven Fire energy (considering it was Tuesday as well), in addition to the deeper, flowing energies of the moon and the more concentrated, task-oriented energies of Saturn. To do this, I used my obsidian arrowhead to help channel energy into my red jasper and into myself.

It was totally wild! I could feel the red jasper heating up as I held it up to the moon, the warmth radiating onto my fingers. Energy was swirling around and through my body, too! And today, I’ve felt a lot more driven overall, and haven’t had to rely as much on certain crutches like sugar!

I was feeling weak in body, mind, and spirit recently, so I cast a spell this morning to help me channel my strength!

I mixed together mugwort, St. John’s wort, and poke root in a glass bowl, channeling some energy into it. Then, I charged my red jasper and one of my quartz crystals, and added them to the bowl. 

I took a deep breath of the herbs’ aroma, and visualized a fiery red light issuing from the bowl and filling my body.

Today I went for my first good morning run in a while, and did 100 bicycle kicks as well as 100 oblique crunches.

So, I think it went splendidly!