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Crystal Herbalism – I AM A WITCH 🙏 

I am a woman who honors her mystical heritage, uses the earth as her oracle, and listens to her intuition. Nature is my temple, my soul is my sacred place. I collect crystals, talk to plants, and find yoga as a form of spell work.

I am a WITCH who loves Buddha and black cats. 
I am a WITCH who loves the faerie star not the pentagram. 
I am a WITCH who loves the moon yet fears the night. 

I am a WITCH because my womb holds the universe.
I am a WITCH because my ancestors survived the witch trials.
I am a WITCH because as a little girl I found comfort in magick. 

I am a WITCH. 

See the world of Faerie through my eyes.

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The full moon is a symbol of manifestation, mystical intuition, and divine connection. By the guidance of the full moon, an empowering energy. I will be able to answer your most desired questions, give you advice, and lead you to the next step within your journey.

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I surrender to my soul. I listen, with my ear pressed against its vibration. My eyes blissfully blinded it’s blue light, it flows like starlight on water. My soul is a lotus, blossoming wit love, glowing with enlightening guidance. I bow my head when in its presence. I fall to the ground with devotion and pray.

Enlightening Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Spirit Amethyst. 

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi, where broken objects are put back together using lacquer mixed with powdered gold. This practice of golden rejoining brings beauty to imperfection, the pieces are alchemized into a flourishing masterpiece.

It has taken years to find the beauty in my past, but now that I see the golden light within my shadow, I am able to feel whole. During my journey I have sounds sanctuary in the loving energy of Rose Quartz. It has been a compassionate and empowering vibration, a divine beacon.