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Goodness, it’s been a long time since I did a spell under the full moon like I did last night! I’m more of a morning lark, so I have difficulties staying up late enough for the moon to get above the forest trees where I live. But I managed it last night, and it felt incredible!

The full moon last night was in Sagittarius, as was Saturn. So, I tried to channel some adventurous, driven Fire energy (considering it was Tuesday as well), in addition to the deeper, flowing energies of the moon and the more concentrated, task-oriented energies of Saturn. To do this, I used my obsidian arrowhead to help channel energy into my red jasper and into myself.

It was totally wild! I could feel the red jasper heating up as I held it up to the moon, the warmth radiating onto my fingers. Energy was swirling around and through my body, too! And today, I’ve felt a lot more driven overall, and haven’t had to rely as much on certain crutches like sugar!

Known in ancient Egyptian lore as “The Wise Stone of Conciliation,” this verdant stone dyed with the hues of forest and sea is a powerful aid to communication of all kinds. Legends tell of those who wore this stone having the remarkable ability to find compromise between the most uncompromising of people, lending them remarkable wit with which to navigate even the murkiest of circumstances. If you speak and negotiate for living, this stone is a real humdinger!

Energy ~ Receptive

Element ~ Water

Planet ~ Venus

Deity ~ Venus

Zodiac Sign ~ Taurus

As a general rule, chrysocolla occurs in grape-like clusters or in a crust. Often found interwoven with opal, quartz, azurite, malachite, and turquoise, this luxuriously-colored blue and green stone has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs hardness scale and possesses a monoclinic crystal structure. While its color may seem similar to turquoise at a glance, chrysocolla has more in common with malachite and azurite, having a high copper content that gives it its distinctive coloration.

The providence of chrysocolla is, as aforementioned, primarily that of teachers and communicators. It helps with conveying one’s ideas verbally, whether it be sharing higher knowledge with one’s students or simply giving a kind word to a loved one in need, but that’s not all! Any purposeful speaking benefits from chrysocolla, including the recitation of prayers, incantations, and mantras. I personally own a mala (a loop of beads used by Buddhists to count their mantras) made of chrysocolla, and I’ve found it to be a wonderful respite to just pass it slowly through my fingers as I chant. This stone is also strongly affiliated with musicians, and is a very helpful charm for those who are picking up a new instrument or trying to overcome their fear of performing in public!

What’s more, chrysocolla is a font of Goddess energy, and consistent contact with it can help one tap into the ancestral feminine energies and all the other wonderful things that come with them. Its connection is particularly strong to Sophia, the Gnostic creator-Aeon and Wisdom incarnate, and it is able to calm one’s emotions and help disconnect from the conscious mind for the purposes of meditation. This stone is said to have such a soothing energy that it can quell nervous disorders of various kinds, and its affinity with the Heart Chakra can help one to express their love for themselves and those around them in healthy ways. It can also aid in the function of the Throat Chakra, and thus the communication and pursuit of one’s own truth.

In feng shui, chrysocolla is associated with the element of Water, and thus is ideal for an area of your home that you use for stillness and contemplation. With regards to spellcraft, chrysocolla lends itself well to spells spanning Land and Sky to call down divine insight, and it’s also a wonderful ingredient for magick that’s intended to aid with emotional healing and drawing out one’s inner strengths. It’s recommended to wash chrysocolla that’s used for spellcraft under warm running water once a month, before recharging it in a bowl with tumbled hematite overnight.  

Disregarding dubious legends about the medicinal ingestion of this very copper-rich (and thus very toxic) mineral, there’s one last lesson from chrysocolla that I want to share: it’s possible in some circumstances to answer a problem or question with silence. Sometimes you can tell others exactly what they need to know by saying nothing at all.

I hope this long-overdue post is helpful, even if only in some small way. May the Tree of Life shelter you always!

As many of my longtime followers can probably attest, I have a long history of insomnia that doesn’t seem totally resolved yet. I don’t have all the materials for this Wicca-based spell, but I think I’m going to try to acquire them, because I seriously think I could use the help!

You will need a sprig of lavender, a piece of smoky quartz, and a blank piece of parchment alongside something you can write with. I’m sure most of you are familiar with lavender’s properties of aiding sleep, but smoky quartz also has a very soothing effect, so it’s a two-pronged attack of relaxation!

Prior to casting your spell, you’re going to want to prepare your bedroom for sleeping well. Clean linens, dim lights, and as quiet a space as possible will all help. If you want to involve a little bit of feng shui, try making sure that the closet door is closed and there’s nothing under your bed. 

Then, while sitting on the bed (and avoiding sitting on the pillow you’ll be sleeping on), hold the smoky quartz and sink your consciousness into your body. Meditate and feel yourself embracing the crystal’s calming energy, even as you let your worries drift away. When you’re suitably grounded, chant the following incantation while holding the stone in your right hand and rotating your wrist clockwise:

The Moon is up,

I hold its piece

The silver dust

Will guard my peace

Once you’ve done this, wrap the smoky quartz and lavender sprig in the parchment and lay them beside your bed. Now, bear in mind that, like anything else, spellcraft requires practice. Some spells don’t take the first time, and you may need to keep trying for up to three nights. From what I’ve read, though, this spell is well worth your patience!

Sleep well, and may the Tree of Life shelter you all!

Since I cast my spell to remove my creative blockage, I’ve been drawing and writing a lot more! I’ve also been able to enjoy things more and take inspiration from them!

There’s a spell I’ve been planning that may seem a big too dramatic for the problem it’s trying to resolve, but hear me out on this one. I’ve been dealing with a mounting creative blockage for a year or two now, and it’s gotten to the point that I can barely write and can’t draw anything. It even seems to have obstructed me from doing things I enjoy and taking inspiration from them for the things I create!

So, tomorrow morning (as Saturdays correspond to spells for removing blockages or obstacles), I have a spell planned that I’ve been preparing for about a week! Ever since last Friday and through the full moon on Wednesday, I’ve been charging up my sodalite, orange calcite, white opal, and obsidian arrowhead with energy from the sun, moon, and stars, along with a black, a white, an orange, and a blue candle. These candles are going to be arranged to the north, east, south, and west of my altar, respective to their hues, with their crystals of corresponding colors set in front of them. Then, in the spaces between each one, I’ll be laying some of my artist’s tools: a writing pencil, a drawing pencil, a paintbrush, and an implement for shaping clay.

I also plan on possibly making sigils for each candle, and I’m definitely going to try using tarot cards as an additional medium. I’ll also load up the spell with incantations, prayers, and even some mantras! As for why I’m going this far, well… Other than magick, creative expression of all kinds are kind of the pursuits I live for the most. And this creative block I’ve been experiencing has been getting so bad and going on for so long that I think I need to use my other most beloved pursuit, magick, to get my energies moving again!

Also, if you’re wondering about the art supplies, I’ve had some ideas recently for how to use everyday items as components to spells! I think it would be great if you’re a witch living on a budget and want to work with some ideas that are outside of the box. It’s an idea I originally found while researching vodou, so I’ll probably make a post on it sometime after I finish my humdinger of a spell that inspired this post!

Hopefully removing this creative blockage will also help me to start posting more. Until then, may the Tree of Life shelter you all!

A lot has been said about the value of inner beauty over outer beauty in our society, but let’s all be honest: it’s hard to go through life when you can’t look your reflection in the eye. Some of us, myself included, can’t just be content to have a good personality if the body housing it feels irreconcilable with said personality. So, here’s a spell for us!

On or behind your altar, set up a round mirror so you can see your reflection. Then, on your altar, arrange an opal and two green candles. Light the candles so that they warm and charge the opal, and by candlelight, stare deep into your reflection. In your mind’s eye, picture the transformation taking place, seeing every aspect becoming your ideal self.

Then, let the candles burn down and collect your opal. Carry it or wear it every day as you strive for beauty.

I decided to make my first-ever spell pouch today! I filled a little black pouch with lavender flower, spearmint leaf, licorice root, and coltsfoot, along with a quartz crystal I had been charging up with sunshine and moonlight for a while. I added a bit of my own energy and my intention, which was to sleep well and have vivid dreams that I’d remember when I woke up!

I’ve wanted to cast a proper sleep/dream spell for a while, and enchant one of my talismans to help me attract more vivid, lucid dreams. I think that tonight, I’m going to bathe myself with mugwort, then arrange a purple candle, my sodalite, my amethyst, my sleep spell bottle, some quartz crystals, and my talisman on my altar. I’ll sprinkle some lavender, chamomile flower, and leftover mugwort in a circle around the candle, then light it at dusk after casting my circle. I’ll invoke a few gods of the night and dreams, as well as the Bear Totem, and prepare my talisman(s) to help me sleep and dream better at night. I actually read some very interesting things about the bear that I plan to make a post about!

I had an idea for an alchemy-based spell that I wanted to share with all of you and see what you think! I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I’m planning to do so on Monday. So, feel free to wait until I’ve used myself as a test subject to see if you’d all like to use it yourselves!

You’re going to need a piece of paper, a pen or marker, an amethyst, a sodalite, a fluorite (preferably purple), three purple candles, some lavender oil, some salt, and a bottle of water. I know that this is quite a shopping list, but I’ve researched all of the components extensively, and they’re all invaluable to the kind of spell we want to do here!

Sodalite is a powerful stone for combating insomnia and promoting dream work, whilst amethyst encourages prophetic dreams, and fluorite helps to guide your astral body whilst sleeping. Purple candles are very helpful for spells that involve the mind or psychic subjects, such as the dreams we might want to have, but blue and white would also be fine for their relaxing and purifying nature. Lavender oil, meanwhile, is extremely helpful for sleep magic, and I encourage anyone with sleep issues to try putting a little bit on the underside of your pillow! Lastly, the salt will be used to keep unwanted energies out of the ritual, although I believe rice will also work in a pinch. I would recommend charging each item involved with your energy, and make sure to anoint all of the candles and crystals with lavender oil!

First, on the piece of paper, you draw the symbol for Aether: a right-side=up triangle superimposed over one that’s upside-down. Then, you draw a crescent moon inside of it. At the points of the right side-up triangle, place the crystals; at the points of the upside-down triangle, set up the candles. Then, set the water bottle in the center, before surrounding the whole thing with a circle of salt. Make sure you make the whole thing big enough that the candle won’t be right next to the water bottle! I’d advise using smaller candles for this, or potentially some kind of glass, ceramic, or metal container for the water. Melty plastic is not something you want to be a part of your life!

While the candles burn, focus  your energies on the spell. I’d recommend doing some meditation and possibly some qigong beforehand to focus all of your energies into it. Visualize yourself sleeping peacefully and having vivid, inspiring dreams. Then, recite this incantation:

Water and fire, I ask for thine aid

It is of thee that dreams are made

Undine and Salamander, I ask thee to keep

My spirit safe as I drift off to sleep

Then, allow the candles to burn down. Stay by the spell for a time, feeling your energy merging with it, knowing that this will be the gateway to restful, satisfying sleep and dreams that will help guide you. Keep in mind how rested and inspired you’ll be by letting this spell be a part of your life, and detach yourself from your concerns.

Finally, keep the vessel of water by your bed, and take a little sip whenever you’re winding down for sleep. Don’t drink a whole lot of it, and I’d advise not drinking water immediately before lying down to rest, but make the drink a part of your nightly routine as you wind down for bed. If it doesn’t work, don’t treat it as any fault of your own – this is still an experimental spell that might need some refinement. It might just need crystals, candles, or a drink that personally suit you and your sleep better.

However it comes out, remember that magic is an incredibly personal process that transforms and is transformed by each individual that takes part in it. Not every spell is a perfect fit for every person, but somewhere out there (or, more likely, somewhere within you) is exactly the spell you need.

Blessed be.

It’s sooo satisfying to do a bunch of clearing and charging! My darling ordered me a couple of books, one on candle magic, one on crystal magic, and they’ve both really helped me figure out how to care for my ritual items.

To “clear” an item is basically the same as “cleansing,” but with a different mentality. It’s not so much purging something that’s viewed as negative, insomuch as you’re just removing the cluttered energy so you can organize it yourself. You’re not “throwing away,” you’re “tidying up!”

Clearing can be done in various ways, particularly for crystals. You can hold it under running water, preferably in a stream to conserve tap water, as well as submerging it in a bowl of saltwater. You can leave the crystal outside or on the windowsill to let the sun and moon cleanse and charge it, you can pass it through incense, you can even bury it! Just bear in mind that some crystals don’t respond well to direct sunlight, to heat, or to saltwater. Get to know your crystal on a scientific as well as spiritual level to know how to best care for it!

Plus, I never really cottoned on to the fact that charging is better done when you focus the energy to your dominant or power hand. I had always held items in both hands, but just using my right hand and focusing my energies there, I can already feel a huge difference!

Oh, and there are sooo many ways to enhance candle magic! After clearing and charging the candle, you can engrave symbols on it and anoint it with oils, stuff I had heard about but never learned how to do in practice until now. I’m planning on using my amethyst point to engrave some runes and such on my candle and anointing it when I use it for my next spell, after clearing it!