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Check out the new things in our shop!! Filled …

Check out the new things in our shop!! Filled with magic and live energy!!!


Today we are releasing some new things from ou…

Today we are releasing some new things from our Rising Spirit Collection!!! There is alot to come, but we are getting some things out early!!! Check out our new products!


aerieherbal: I hope I wasn’t disrespectful, I…


I hope I wasn’t disrespectful, I was trying not to be. I hope you like my video on chakra healing based on my experiences. Also the quality is sooo bad…I’m sorry in advanced.

Sacred Feminine Wellness Webinar!




This is the first of a lot of new offerings from A Tribe of 3 Sisters Wellness!  I am really excited about this webinar; it speaks to women in different parts of their lives and provides the tools to promote healing within yourself and balance your divine feminine. In this webinar we will talk about natural wellness strategies for women of all types and how to apply herbs to your healing. In this webinar a box of herbs will be sent to you, so you can follow along and assess how the herbs feel to you!

It is important to note that it is a $50 seminar, but you just need $20 to hold your spot.

You have up til the day of the webinar to sign up!


Guys!!! My interview is up!! It was a honor to be on it!




The face you make when your cold and flu tinct…

The face you make when your cold and flu tincture immediately heals the people at work and you know you are saving lives!!


Crystal Herbalism – New Tara Alter 

Crystal Herbalism – New Tara Alter 

OM TARA TUTTARE TURE SOHA 🙏 my new Tara alter is full of love, grace, and enlightenment. I wanted a space that I could visit and honor my devotion to her divinity. I offer her water in a rose quartz bowl and send my prayers to her though the vibrations of a singing bowl. It is in this space that I feel connected and blanketed in her cosmic compassion.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Celestite, and Blue Tara Quartz. 

Cold and flu season is officially here!! Time …

Cold and flu season is officially here!! Time for fire cider and cold and flu tinctures!! No body is starting sick in this house!

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crystalherbalism: Self-Love and Spiritual Comp…


Self-Love and Spiritual Compassion are devotions of courage. When we embody our true selves, we become truth.

Rose Quartz: heart centered, radical love, goddess, healing. This crystals is a great way to comfort the emotional body. It also bring light into the dark spaces of our energy field and mind. Rose Quartz is a creation of enlightenment, divinity, and trust. Rose Quartz is the energy of sacred and honest love. This pink stone allows you to embrace self-love, by having acceptance towards yourself the fae will honor your confidence. The seelie court worships heart energy and the unseelie court using the heart energy in their binding spells.

Connects with Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite is a goddess that is rising. With dark events happening around the world and self-doubt setting in, the goddess of love will guides us to clarity. Aphrodite brings love, acceptance, and self-healing into our lives. This goddess with trying to spread kindness in the world, she hears our prayers. We must work with her in order to manifest her energy. Call upon Aphrodite when when to seek light within the darkness, she will comfort you.

Note: These crystals are perfect for an alter, yoga space, and/or a crystal bath. FREE SHIPPING!!