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In honor of me getting married in 2 weeks, I’m now selling $5 custom elixirs until August 19 (my wedding day)!!!

Just tell me what you need and I will make it for you! Everyone who buys until that time will also get an extra surprise!! I just want to spread the love!

Also, my reading prices are going up after I get married!! So all this week I am giving $3 readings. This includes:
-3 card tarot/oracle card readings
-Aura readings
-intuitive emotional readings
– pendulum readings!!!

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Just sales on sales on sales.

New tea alert!!! Check out our new ImmuniTea!…

New tea alert!!!
Check out our new ImmuniTea!!! Its delicious, relaxing, and it could help prevent illness!


I created an Aerielle the witch aesthetic. Ins…

I created an Aerielle the witch aesthetic. Inspired by @floreashelby board!

*Aerielle the witch
*Aries sun/Aries moon/virgo rising
*Master Herbalist, Yoga instructor, Mergail, psychic, and Green witch.
*Proud African American

Wanna know more? Ask me lol


Doing Tarot Readings all day!

Price varies based on what you want, but the starting price is $3. Hit me up!

Also oracle readings if you don’t want tarot

Tarot Forecast for the Day Its easy to let th…

Tarot Forecast for the Day

Its easy to let the betrayals of the past get to you today. It might be hard for you to trust in the moment, when there has been so much heart break in the past. Be present in the day enjoy your time now. Live as naively as the fool. Allow yourself to enjoy the present, even though the future holds no certainty of safety. Know that great change is coming! Blockages are being removed and things are about to change in your life. So live in the now and enjoy what you have, so you can enjoy whats coming. Accept the change, it can seem scary at times, but it is necessary for progression.

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Well, this isn’t what I was planning on doing as my next post, but since I kind of forgot to do my post on how to advance with the Earth element in living alchemy yesterday and don’t think I’ll be able to do it at least until Sunday, I decided to post some tips on grounding!

If you want to truly succeed in magick, you need to have your head in the Heavens and your feet on the Earth. That means that you need to be able to open your mind to ideas and states that are well outside your everyday experiences, but you also need to keep yourself anchored to reality so you don’t get totally lost in the Art.


Note how The Magician stands. His hand is uplifted with his wand in hand, ready to draw down power from the heights of Heaven and perform his craft. However, his other hand is lowered and opened to the Earth, where his feet are planted firmly. He can only perform his loftiest of tasks when his material needs are secured, and this is where grounding comes in!

Almost anything that keeps you in touch with the physical world can be grounding. It can be doing chores, or taking a walk outside while close to nature, or just taking care of something work-related. Another way to perform grounding is to sit in a chair with your bare feet on the floor or ground, back straight. and empty your mind of thoughts.

Speaking as someone who tends to have a very overactive Third Eye chakra, I know how hard it can be to come back to normal, everyday life once you’ve discovered the wonders of spellcraft. However, the key to success and happiness in magick or anything else is balance. Even the tallest tree has to have stable roots to keep itself standing strong.

What’s this? A new sacred healing lotion with …

What’s this? A new sacred healing lotion with nourishing and healing ingredients? Why yes it is! We used the power of Palo santo and other sacred healing ingredients to make this amazing sacred healing lotion! My skin feels insanely soft!



Still doing $3 aura readings as well as $3 card readings!!



So earlier I told myself, I’m going to g…

So earlier I told myself, I’m going to get up and do so much business stuff. I was gonna make a video and put it out at the perfect time and make some new products. But today I haven’t been feeling it…I am so tired, and i just want to chill for a little bit. As I picked up my animal Oracle cards, I felt a little tingle in my hands, telling me to look at one of my cards, and it was this one!!! I gotta listen to how I feel I gotta let myself have a break. So I will.

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Tarot reading of the day. Today you are going…

Tarot reading of the day.

Today you are going to experience something great. You will hit a new break through in your life, but it will seem to be a bad thing. There is going to be some serious changes going on so that you can live your highest purpose. It will seem terrible, but I promise you it’s a good thing. Dont let negative thoughts, stop you from living your truth. Dont let there be destruction just for the sake of destruction. Let the destruction in so that something new and amazing can be created. You are protected and your guides are looking out for you, bring that change. Know that this thing that seems super shitty, is of the highest energy, and is here to move you towards your true purpose.🌞🔮🕉

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