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Crystal Herbalism  – Full Moon in Taurus

This cosmic energy is sensual, grounded, and emotionally clearing. Embodying in the element earth, this moon nourishes our roots, reconnecting us to our desires. Flow with this lunar tide by meditating, warming the body with yoga, and spending some time in nature. 

Full Moon Bath Ritual

  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 2 drops rose oil
  • 1 rose quartz 
  • 1 aquamarine
  • 1 moonstone
  • white candle

Smudge the space as the water begins to collect, place the crystals in the tub and allow their energy to charge the water. Add the oils, pouring your intentions into the water with every drop. Light the candle and place it next to the tub, allowing the flames light to cascade over your body. When the water is ready, take a step into the tub, whispering your full moon intentions as you submerge yourself in its calming warmth. 

Play relaxing sounds while you are in the tub, meditating and asking goddess to send you any messages as you soak. Once you are done with the bath, journal what came up for you. Blow out the candle as you thank the divine for their guidance. 

Known in ancient Egyptian lore as “The Wise Stone of Conciliation,” this verdant stone dyed with the hues of forest and sea is a powerful aid to communication of all kinds. Legends tell of those who wore this stone having the remarkable ability to find compromise between the most uncompromising of people, lending them remarkable wit with which to navigate even the murkiest of circumstances. If you speak and negotiate for living, this stone is a real humdinger!

Energy ~ Receptive

Element ~ Water

Planet ~ Venus

Deity ~ Venus

Zodiac Sign ~ Taurus

As a general rule, chrysocolla occurs in grape-like clusters or in a crust. Often found interwoven with opal, quartz, azurite, malachite, and turquoise, this luxuriously-colored blue and green stone has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs hardness scale and possesses a monoclinic crystal structure. While its color may seem similar to turquoise at a glance, chrysocolla has more in common with malachite and azurite, having a high copper content that gives it its distinctive coloration.

The providence of chrysocolla is, as aforementioned, primarily that of teachers and communicators. It helps with conveying one’s ideas verbally, whether it be sharing higher knowledge with one’s students or simply giving a kind word to a loved one in need, but that’s not all! Any purposeful speaking benefits from chrysocolla, including the recitation of prayers, incantations, and mantras. I personally own a mala (a loop of beads used by Buddhists to count their mantras) made of chrysocolla, and I’ve found it to be a wonderful respite to just pass it slowly through my fingers as I chant. This stone is also strongly affiliated with musicians, and is a very helpful charm for those who are picking up a new instrument or trying to overcome their fear of performing in public!

What’s more, chrysocolla is a font of Goddess energy, and consistent contact with it can help one tap into the ancestral feminine energies and all the other wonderful things that come with them. Its connection is particularly strong to Sophia, the Gnostic creator-Aeon and Wisdom incarnate, and it is able to calm one’s emotions and help disconnect from the conscious mind for the purposes of meditation. This stone is said to have such a soothing energy that it can quell nervous disorders of various kinds, and its affinity with the Heart Chakra can help one to express their love for themselves and those around them in healthy ways. It can also aid in the function of the Throat Chakra, and thus the communication and pursuit of one’s own truth.

In feng shui, chrysocolla is associated with the element of Water, and thus is ideal for an area of your home that you use for stillness and contemplation. With regards to spellcraft, chrysocolla lends itself well to spells spanning Land and Sky to call down divine insight, and it’s also a wonderful ingredient for magick that’s intended to aid with emotional healing and drawing out one’s inner strengths. It’s recommended to wash chrysocolla that’s used for spellcraft under warm running water once a month, before recharging it in a bowl with tumbled hematite overnight.  

Disregarding dubious legends about the medicinal ingestion of this very copper-rich (and thus very toxic) mineral, there’s one last lesson from chrysocolla that I want to share: it’s possible in some circumstances to answer a problem or question with silence. Sometimes you can tell others exactly what they need to know by saying nothing at all.

I hope this long-overdue post is helpful, even if only in some small way. May the Tree of Life shelter you always!

Owing its brilliant green hue to the presence of chromium and vanadium, emerald crystals are rarely flawless, and are thus often oiled to mask imperfections and cut in such a way to optimize their look. Emerald is nonetheless a powerful stone for any kind of spellcaster: it is said, after all, that Thoth bestowed wisdom on Hermes Trismegistus via an emerald tablet!

Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth

Planets: Venus

Astrological Signs: Taurus

Deities: Thoth, Ceres, Diana, Aphrodite, Isis, Surdurjaya, Vishnu, Freyja

Chakras: Heart

Linked to the angel Asmodiel and to the High Priestess Arcana, emerald is traditionally known as the “Stone of Truth” that protects its bearer from deception. Said to bring love into one’s life, emerald is also used in magic to enhance psychic abilities, open clairvoyance, and allow stimulation of wisdom gathering from other planes. It is told that this symbol of hope will bring joy and enhance emotions, memory, faith, and clairvoyance. It is held to benefit one’s intuition, promoting communication though truthfulness.

Emerald is believed to aid eyesight, heart, lungs, thymus, pancreas, and the lymphatic system. It is also considered to ease transitions in menopause. Shields social workers and counselors from being worn down, and helps healing after the breakup of a relationship. This stone is useful in past life recall, protects from domestic violence, banishes nightmares, and protects from psychic attack. Note that opaque stones should not be used for meditation or working with emotions. 

To cleanse your emerald, pass it through smoke and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Recharge this crystal after a waxing moon!

Known by many different varieties and names, few stones are as colorfully patterned as agate. Formed by minerals that fill a cavity in a host rock, agate’s distinctive patterns can resemble eyes, mazes, or even landscapes! Agate rings were popular among Persian magi, and were used for jewelry in Babylon. The stone continues to serve spellcasters even today!

Energy: Various

Element: Various

Planet: Mercury

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn

Deity: Bragi

Due to its multitudinous different colors and patterns, it’s hard to pin down an exact energy and element for agate, with each different type having its own uses. Red agate has projective energy and is associated with fire, whilst blue lace agate has receptive energy and is associated with water. Tawny agate brings success in any undertaking and protects from the evil eye, while moss agate is used as a gardener’s talisman, healing stone, and to bring wealth! I might do a full post of the different kinds of agate and their uses, but for now, just know that agate is a very useful stone to collect.

With regards to spellcraft, the uses for agate are a bit more cut and dry. This stone is purported to have the power to cure poison, especially from bites and stings; soothe the mind; prevent the spread of disease; calm rough weather; promote eloquence; help ensure the good will of others, and grant victory. Placed on the head of a sleeper, agate induces fantastic dreams. It is also used in charms for love, mental clarity and good luck in card games!

Frost Moon 11/4/17

A crone goddess energy that illuminates the shadows for us to manifest our intentions before we rest. Winter is coming, it’s a time of renewal, a season for us to dive deeper into our spiritual selves. And it’s important for us to ground before our energetic hibernation begins.

Tonight the moon is rooted to the Taurus sign and will be under the reign of Neptune. This lunar energy embodies courage, divine devotion, and a feminine touch. Under Neptune reign, emotions will become the core to our day, fluid and vulnerable.

Crystals: Black Moonstone, Labradorite, Aquamarine

Jade or yu (”precious stone”), as it is called in China, is said to bless whatever it touches. Inhabitants of the British Isles treasured it for its toughness in tools, whilst the peoples of Central America and elsewhere carved it into deity masks and ritual artifacts. Chinese tradition holds that jade embodies all five human virtues: Wisdom, Compassion, Justice, Modesty, and Courage.


Energy ~ Receptive

Element ~ Water

Planet ~ Venus & Neptune

Zodiac Sign ~ Taurus

Deities ~ Freyja, Kwan Yin, Maar, Buddha

Chakra ~ Heart

Despite being a receptive stone, jade is also possessed of powerful protective qualities. It repels negative energy and brings one closer to their goals by instilling resourcefulness, as well as attracting love on all levels due to how it balances yin and yang. Jade brings harmony to every aspect of one’s life, and is believed to promote longevity as well.

Jade can be used to attract money if one charges it with energy and opens their mind to responsible spending over it. Placed on the Third Eye, it assists with attaining not only knowledge, but wisdom as well; it sharpens the mind and helps bring reason to one’s life. Jade balances and harmonizes the Heart Chakra, and it is also a good gardening stone.

One may cleanse jade in running water and recharge it in an Amethyst geode.

The stone of the ruler, the warrior, and the shaman as well, turquoise was one of the first crystals to be unearthed by human efforts. It is unsurpassed as a healing crystal, able to convey benefits to the entire body, but with a particular affinity for the immune, respiratory, waste, and skeletal systems. It is soothing to the touch and healing to the eye, and a stone that any witch should own.

Element ~ Earth, Water, Air

Energy ~ Receptive

Planet ~ Neptune, Venus

Zodiac Sign ~ Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius

Deities ~ Buddha, The Great Spirit, Sopedu, Hathor, Estsanatleki

Chakra ~ Throat

A valued power stone, turquoise is able to align the chakras and cleanse energy centers. As an aid in meditation, turquoise helps to clear the mind and attune oneself to the Universal All. The stone can be used to attune to the spiritual plane and provide protection during vision quests and astral travel. It is also a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection, preserving friendships and making friends out of enemies in time.

The tribes of North America believed that turquoise protected the rider of a horse, and conveyed great protection in general, especially from the evil eye. Useful for inspiring creative thought and aiding self-expression, turquoise is also used in spells for everything from wealth to love. It can help to protect children from bullying, and can be hung on a pet’s collar or cage to prevent them from being lost or stolen. It can also help repel intruders, and is a powerful protective stone in general.

Turquoise is also associated with the angel Zadkiel and the Empress Arcana.