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Summoning All Mystics!

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Yunnan Jig

I had some trouble sleeping last night, so I decided to make a cup of black tea as a little pick me up! It’s a variety by Adagio called Yunnan Jig, and while I don’t think I got the water hot enough to really bring out the full depth of flavor, I love the refined taste to it! 

I also added some raw mountain flower honey to sweeten it a bit, and to help me with my sugar withdrawal. Studies seem to show that honey actually helps to lower the amount of sugar in your bloodstream, and raw, unprocessed honey is especially good for you! There are also lots of antioxidants in honey!

Focus Tea

My blend of black and spearmint tea really helps me to focus on my research. I love the boost it gives me!

Tea Alchemy

I decided to try something different, and mixed equal parts black tea with peppermint tea. It was actually amazing! There was a mild sweetness and only a faint hint of the astringent taste of the peppermint, with a finishing note of bitterness on the way down. I also seem to have added just the right amount of honey to not overwhelm the taste! I’m definitely trying that again!

The Crystal Herbalism Shop has been updated wi…

The Crystal Herbalism Shop has been updated with new programs and crystals from my collection!

More Crystals & Programs to come!

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest…

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest self-healing and balance by connecting to the moons energy each week. The focus will be on transforming the way we think and act (mentally, physically, spiritually) while connecting us to our inner goddess energy.

Crystal Herbalism Shop 

Goddess Tara Statue is from SacredSymbolStudio…

Crystal Herbalism 

Tara is a Buddhist Goddess that was formed from a tear which fell gracefully to the ground and formed a lake. Out of the silken blue waters rose up a lotus, and her Tara emerged.

Tara is a protector, a mother of all goddess, and a healer. She helps you overcome obstacles, manifest goals, spark creativity, and find peaceful flow in your journey. Tara is connected to the energy of water and the earth.

I have been working with Tara and her energy to find that she brings clarity to situations where you feel emotionally blocked, she provides compassion to help you overcome struggle, she also allows you to find strength within your spiritual path. Tara provides protection during your earthly and spiritual travels.

Take time and connect with Tara as you sip the tea and mediate with your crystals. Feel the river of her peaceful energy flow through you.

Tara Tea

  • 1 tsp Chamomile
  • ½ tsp Lavender
  • ½ tsp Rose Petals
  • ½ tsp Spearmint
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root

Crystals: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Celestite, Moonstone

Goddess Tara Statue is from SacredSymbolStudios

Status Update

I’ve started doing more yoga and qigong, and it’s very revitalizing! I’ve also started working out more. Yesterday I did 300 side-to-side hops and 50 jumping jacks, as well as 35 squats, 35 calf lifts, and 35 bridges! I think I might go for a jog today, if the weather stays nice. I’ve unfortunately been kind of getting out-of-touch with my magic, so I think I’m going to draw some sigils and do a tarot reading today. I also haven’t been enjoying nearly enough tea, and need to change that!

Aerielle Harris is creating Herbalism Videos a…

Aerielle Harris is creating Herbalism Videos and Recipes | Patreon:


I am going to be putting my herbal knowledge out there!!! Support me, supporting you!!  I am excited for you to discover with me. I am going to give a free informational document. If you give any amount, I will send you the document as a poster!!


A tough customer of an herb if ever there was one, gorse is similar to the protagonist of a good detective novel: a toughened, prickly exterior hiding a soul of genuine beauty. Also known as broom, frey, furze, gorst, and goss among other names, gorse’s many spiny branches and upright yellow flowers make it stand out in the waste places of Britain and other parts of Europe where it often grows wild.


Energy ~ Masculine

Planet ~ Mars, the Sun

Element ~ Fire

Deities ~ Jupiter, Thor, Lugh

Zodiac ~ n/a

Growing in the unforgiving lands of the heath, common, or moor, gorse is not exactly a plant that needs babying if you intend to garden it. Gorse is ever-flowering and its seeds are ever-germinating, so on the contrary, it can be a bit of a handful if you’re not prepared! It prefers, but doesn’t exactly need sandy, slightly acidic soil, and what it requires most is abundant direct sunlight. It can be burned back to rein it in if it starts to spread out of control, but even fire won’t stop this flower completely!

Though not as replete with medicinal uses as some of the herbs I’ve covered in the past, gorse is nevertheless a very versatile and useful plant! When crushed up, it makes good animal feed, and it burns extremely well, making it excellent fuel for old-fashioned ovens and the like. It can be used as a substitute for tea, the seeds (which burst out with a fantastic crackling noise) are highly nutritious, the flowers make a vibrant yellow dye, and while it’s growing, the many briars serve well as a shelter for young trees, as well as at keeping livestock or other animals from wandering in or out of a place!

Similarly, it’s said that this thorny plant can keep unwanted visitors of the supernatural variety, like certain faeries, at bay. In addition to protection from evil, gorse is known to attract gold, and thus finds great use in money spells! Said to give hope to the hopeless and ease life’s most terrible frustrations, gorse is used to bolster faith, abate jealousy, and increase optimism. It’s also used in love magick and for spells of gathering strength!

I feel like, since I’ve been on a kick with the Celtic Zodiac signs and such, I would be remiss to not mention gorse’s place in Druidic lore. A voracious light-seeker, gorse reminds us to always pursue the brighter places in life and take the high road. Do what feels right, not what abides by convention; follow your own spiritual sense for what’s best for you. If life has put you in a dark shadow, then pursue your own path back to the sunshine!

In flower language, gorse means “Love in all seasons.”