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People wait all week for #Friday, all year for #summer, all life for #happiness…when the only #time we have for sure is #Now. #BeHereNow

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The Reiki in this photo is for uncertain times. Here is a link to the corresponding video, For more information on Reiki and my services, please go to my website, Blessings, Lourdes

he Reiki in this photo is for when things in your life are shaky. Here is the link to the corresponding  video,  Both the video and photo can be used at the same time.Holding a crystal like Clear Quartz can amplify the energy. Many of the photos have corresponding videos so you can have them playing too so that the energy is increased.*Please note that increasing the energy can make you more sensitive, light headed, or ungrounded. Blessings, Lourdes

This quote reminded me of a general conversation I had with a client about feeling overwhelmed and the need to have healthy boundaries. Something I have learned to do with time and continue to practice. Boundaries are an essential part of self care. Before you say ‘yes’ to anyone else make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself. You can only give from a place of fullness. So invest in your wellbeing and only offer your time, energy, love and compassion to others once you have offered it to yourself. As you re-balance yourself in this way you will naturally have more to offer others. 💜

– Pooja, Om Holistic Wellbeing