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Known in ancient Egyptian lore as “The Wise Stone of Conciliation,” this verdant stone dyed with the hues of forest and sea is a powerful aid to communication of all kinds. Legends tell of those who wore this stone having the remarkable ability to find compromise between the most uncompromising of people, lending them remarkable wit with which to navigate even the murkiest of circumstances. If you speak and negotiate for living, this stone is a real humdinger!

Energy ~ Receptive

Element ~ Water

Planet ~ Venus

Deity ~ Venus

Zodiac Sign ~ Taurus

As a general rule, chrysocolla occurs in grape-like clusters or in a crust. Often found interwoven with opal, quartz, azurite, malachite, and turquoise, this luxuriously-colored blue and green stone has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs hardness scale and possesses a monoclinic crystal structure. While its color may seem similar to turquoise at a glance, chrysocolla has more in common with malachite and azurite, having a high copper content that gives it its distinctive coloration.

The providence of chrysocolla is, as aforementioned, primarily that of teachers and communicators. It helps with conveying one’s ideas verbally, whether it be sharing higher knowledge with one’s students or simply giving a kind word to a loved one in need, but that’s not all! Any purposeful speaking benefits from chrysocolla, including the recitation of prayers, incantations, and mantras. I personally own a mala (a loop of beads used by Buddhists to count their mantras) made of chrysocolla, and I’ve found it to be a wonderful respite to just pass it slowly through my fingers as I chant. This stone is also strongly affiliated with musicians, and is a very helpful charm for those who are picking up a new instrument or trying to overcome their fear of performing in public!

What’s more, chrysocolla is a font of Goddess energy, and consistent contact with it can help one tap into the ancestral feminine energies and all the other wonderful things that come with them. Its connection is particularly strong to Sophia, the Gnostic creator-Aeon and Wisdom incarnate, and it is able to calm one’s emotions and help disconnect from the conscious mind for the purposes of meditation. This stone is said to have such a soothing energy that it can quell nervous disorders of various kinds, and its affinity with the Heart Chakra can help one to express their love for themselves and those around them in healthy ways. It can also aid in the function of the Throat Chakra, and thus the communication and pursuit of one’s own truth.

In feng shui, chrysocolla is associated with the element of Water, and thus is ideal for an area of your home that you use for stillness and contemplation. With regards to spellcraft, chrysocolla lends itself well to spells spanning Land and Sky to call down divine insight, and it’s also a wonderful ingredient for magick that’s intended to aid with emotional healing and drawing out one’s inner strengths. It’s recommended to wash chrysocolla that’s used for spellcraft under warm running water once a month, before recharging it in a bowl with tumbled hematite overnight.  

Disregarding dubious legends about the medicinal ingestion of this very copper-rich (and thus very toxic) mineral, there’s one last lesson from chrysocolla that I want to share: it’s possible in some circumstances to answer a problem or question with silence. Sometimes you can tell others exactly what they need to know by saying nothing at all.

I hope this long-overdue post is helpful, even if only in some small way. May the Tree of Life shelter you always!

Crystal Herbalism – Venus Retrograde 

Hues of pastel pink illuminate the soul as Venus enters
retrograde. This feminine energy sparks a wildness with us, a vibrant
expression of compassion.
 The last time this feminine planet retrograded was
last spring and this new cycle will last till November 16th

cosmic transition welcomes reflection within the heart space, giving us the
time to review our relationships, including the intimate one with yourself. She blankets us in rosy starlight,
asking us “Are You Happy?”

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and abundance,
she is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Her planet is going to
get closer to the horizon and like Persephone, she then disappears into the underworld.
It is during this time of astrological darkness that we will be pushed to acknowledge
unresolved issues. Venus will also be ruling both the new moon and the full moon
this cycle, bringing self-worth into the spotlight.

Crystal: During this retrograde have rose quartz become your companion. This crystal will be the light you need as you wade though moments of darkness in your reflections. Rose quartz is a goddess stone providing you with protection, divine wisdom, and loving nourishment.

Essential Oils to work with: Rose, Geranium, and Plumeria. These floral scents will activate your heart chakra. 

Retrograde Mantra: My Greatest Strength Is Love.

Venus Retrograde Journal Prompts: SELF-WORTH

  • What is your hearts true desire?
  • How can you improve your self-care practice?
  • How would you define self-worth?
  • What are you worthy of?
  • In what ways can you love yourself more?

Nearly endless in its beautiful varieties, the orchid flower almost seems to float on air as it invites one to contemplate its beauty. There are over 30,000 different varieties of wild orchids growing across this Earth, from the jungles of the equator to the arctic tundra and everywhere in-between! That’s not even counting over 200,000 hybridized varieties that florists have bred into existence. Orchids come in so many different varieties which love so many different growing conditions that, no matter where your garden, you’re sure to find a variety that’s right for you!


Energy ~ Feminine
Planet ~ Venus
Element ~ Water
Deities ~ Aphrodite, Qu Yan

Most varieties of orchids grow in jungle conditions, clinging to tree bark with thick white roots that are adept at drawing out moisture and nutrients. Because these varieties like to grow high in the tree tops, they’re ravenous for intense sunlight and thrive on 12-hour days — close to midsummer conditions in temperate regions. Many varieties of orchids are difficult to grow, to be sure; even professional growers can struggle to bring them to bloom! But even if your thumb isn’t quite green enough to get these fussy flowers to take to your garden, there are dozens of natural varieties and hundreds of hybridized species who are perfectly content to grow on a windowsill or under lights.

If you want to give your orchid the best possible chance of growing, do thorough research into which varieties are the best fit for your region, and purchase the most mature plant you can: younger plants are very difficult to please. If possible, buy it while it’s in bloom — that way you’ll immediately know what you’re striving for! While there are simply too many varieties of orchid to give general growing instructions for all of them, a look at the plant’s physical characteristics should give some clues. Plants with few or leathery leaves will likely prefer high-light environments, while plants with soft, limp leaves are probably light-sensitive and should not be placed in sunny south-facing windows.

In addition to one variety of orchid being our source for vanilla, the tuberous root of the plant is filled with a highly-nutritious and starchy substance, which is famous for a sweetish taste and somewhat unpleasant smell. This substance, known as bassorin, can be used to replace starch as a reserve material, or to make a drink known as salep — named after an Arabic word for orchid — which was sold in stalls from the Middle East to the streets of London until being supplanted by coffee. In addition to this drink’s purported rejuvenating properties (being lauded as a strengthening and demulcent or anti-inflammatory agent), Chinese medicine has recorded uses for orchids dating back over 3,000 years, noting varieties of the Dendrobium genus of orchids as one of nine ‘faery herbs’ said to be a gift from heaven. Different types of orchids are used in remedies for a huge variety of purposes, ranging from improving memory to treating rheumatism to even easing the symptoms of tuberculosis! Many cultures, including Greece and China, use the plant as an aphrodisiac, and orchid fragrance is also used in perfume and aromatherapy.

In terms of magick, old texts tell of witches using orchid tubers in their philters, the fresh tuber being given to promote true love whilst the withered one checks wrongful passions. Culpepper refers to orchids as being under “the dominion of Venus,” and tells us that, among other things, when “being bruised and applied to the place” they cure the King’s Evil. Orchids also correspond to beauty and elegance, expressing uniqueness, ecstasy, spiritual intuition, and Goddess energy. Some varieties of orchids are also used in creating visions, entering trance-states, and inducing psychic powers.


Confucius wrote many poems on the orchid’s beauty, and even based some of his teachings on this delicate flower! He wrote, “The orchids grow in the woods and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it. Likewise, men of noble character will not let poverty deter their will to be guided by high principles and morals.” Whether you ascribe to the teachings of Confucius or not, the many multitudes of orchid varieties have a great deal to give us on all levels of our life: whether contemplating them philosophically, utilizing their medicinal properties, or simply savoring their beauty, orchids are a treasure to be cherished.

Different colors of orchid have different meanings, but generally speaking, in flower language it means “Love, Beauty, and Refinement.”

May the Tree of Life always shelter you!

The pearl is unique among other gemstones in that, rather than being formed in the Earth, but are instead formed as a result of a sort of immunological reaction inside of some mollusks. Once thought to be the tears of gods or goddesses, pearls are a symbol of purity, innocence, and faith in the West, and a symbol of great wisdom in the East. 

Energy ~ Receptive

Gender ~ Feminine

Element ~ Water, Akasha

Planet ~ Moon, Venus

Zodiac ~ Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius

Deities ~ Aphrodite/Venus, Poseidon/Neptune, Freya 

Associated with the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Crown Chakras, the pearl enhances sincerity, truth, and loyalty, as well as bringing a calming, grounding effect to one’s life. Due to being formed by mollusks in order to protect from irritants, pearls are fantastic for relieving stress! Quite adept at balancing one’s emotions in general due to its strong affiliation with the element of Water, pearls are believed to help one better attune themselves to the Goddess.

In feng shui, pearl is cherished as a stone that represents the meeting of Heaven and Earth. The stone is worn to promote chastity and good faith, improve beauty and skin color, and improve the function of the heart.

With regards to their use in magic, some say that using pearls (as well as amber and other gems formed from living things) carries a heavy debt, while others attest that it is this attribute that makes them particularly powerful. In any case, pearls can be worn to enhance femininity, sharpen concentration, strengthen self-esteem, ensure balanced emotions, and promote equitable love. Pearls can also be used in full moon rituals!

To care for your pearls, make sure to keep them away from acids like vinegar, which will dissolve them. Also, don’t let them get too hot, or else they might start to crack!

Arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits, the apple is a common ingredient in both culinary recipes and herbal magick! Believed by many cultures to be the food of the dead or to convey some kind of attribute forbidden to humans (such as immortality or hidden knowledge), apples generally grow on small- to medium-sized trees, and usually develop from pale blossoms with five pink-tipped petals.

Energy ~ Feminine

Planet ~ Venus

Element ~ Water

Deities ~ Venus/Aphrodite, Dionysus, Athena, Diana, Apollo, Zeus, Hera, Olwen, Iduna

In terms of growing apple trees, most varieties will require you to acquire at least two specimens in order to pollinate each other. Most trees won’t produce fruit in their first year, and for some, it may take as many as three or four! Dwarf varieties tend to produce fruit much sooner, and excessive pruning will delay the process. 

Apples should be picked by hand when ripe (don’t shake the tree), but windfall apples on the ground can be picked up, have the bad parts cut off, and be cooked on the same day! Apples can be stored in just about any cool place, so long as they’re clean and dry. You can cut them up and boil them with some sugar to make fried apples (unintuitive name, I know), and you can also cook them with 1.5 cups dark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons maple syrup, ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, ¼ teaspoon each ground nutmeg and allspice, and a pinch of salt to make apple butter! Store that one in a jar for later.

With regards to magic, apples are incredibly useful for love and health spells! An apple a day keeps a doctor away, and these fiber-rich fruits lend themselves well to spells for keeping people hale and hardy. You can cut an apple into three pieces and rub each one on an affected area to perform a healing spell, and you can also eat an apple to prevent a fever. Apple cider poured on the ground can bring life into a garden, or onto roots as a libation for tree rituals. If you grow apples, bury 13 leaves of an apple tree after harvest to ensure the next year is plentiful!

I know this post is getting a bit long, but I feel like special mention should be made to the different love spells you can cast with apples. To list just a few: cutting an apple in half and sharing it with your beloved, holding it and warming it in your hands before giving it to them, and plucking an apple before carving the words Aleo + Deleo + Delato on it before reciting an incantation I won’t list and giving it to someone. The reason I won’t list the incantation is that I find certain love spells manipulative, and believe that love spells should only be used to deepen an existing love or try to help you find a new one, not persuade a person to fall in love with you.

In flower language, an apple blossom signifies “Preference,” while a whole apple signifies “Temptation.”

An incredibly hard and incredibly popular stone, the diamond is an expensive, but potentially very useful crystal for a witch to own. Though the clear variety is the most famous, there are diamonds tinted blue, pink, or yellow, as well as smoky, low-quality diamonds called bort which are normally used in various industries, such as to make drill bits.

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire

Planet: Venus, Mars, and the Sun

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Libra

Deities: Frigg

Chakra: Crown

Known to the ancient Greeks as adamas (”unbreakable, unchanging”). the ancient texts tell of various different magical applications in the diamond’s repertoire. Worn as jewelry for protection and used during meditation and shamanic rituals to access higher states of consciousness, this stone is also ideal for spells to boost physical strength. A six-sided faceted cut is said to bring lifelong luck to the owner!

Among other uses, Pliny stated that wearing a diamond will protect against insanity, unreasonable fear, and poison. In Medieval Italy, the diamond was known as the stone of reconciliation and was believed to prevent and resolve marital disputes. A diamond worn on the left hand is said to protect one from bad luck and attract good luck, whilst a diamond set in gold and worn on the left arm is said to protect one in battle and to stave off the forces of darkness.

One should neither clear nor charge a diamond’s energies, and a diamond can be used with other stones in order to give them a boost! Looking at a diamond for too long is believed to dazzle and confuse the mind, while a diamond used by an untrustworthy person is said to be less powerful. Additionally, a diamond is believed to be most powerful when it was given freely as a gift to the user.

In the philosophy of Wu Xing, Metal (Chinese: 金, “jīn”) is the phase in which energy declines. Metal is yin in character, its motion is inwards and its energy is contracting. It is associated with the autumn, the west, old age, the planet Venus, the color white, dry weather, and the White Tiger Bai Hu. In Chinese medicine, Metal is associated with the negative emotion of grief, as well as the positive emotion of courage. Organs associated with this element are the lungs (Yin), the large intestine (Yang), the nose, and the skin.

Taoist thought holds that Metal’s positive attributes are firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength, and determination. The Metal person is controlling, ambitious, forceful, and set in their ways as forged steel. They are self-reliant and prefer to handle their problems alone. The Metal person is also wise, business-oriented, and good at organization and stability. However, the metal person can also appreciate luxury and enjoy the good things in life. 

The planet Venus is associated with Metal because it is white in color (the Chinese color of death), and rises in the west as the evening star. However, some Western astrologers have suggested associating Metal with the planet Saturn instead, on the grounds that the associations of Metal are closer to its Western astrological conception, as well as that that Metal shares many of the attributes of the element Air, which is linked to Saturn in Vedic astrology. By this token, the association with Venus is also argued for due to this very same elemental link! Metal governs the Chinese zodiac signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog, and in the 60 Year Cycle, Metal’s Yang years end in 0 while its Yin years end in 1.

In the regenerative cycle of the Wu Xing, Earth engenders Metal as all metal has to be extracted from the earth in which it resides; Metal begets Water as tin vessels trap falling water from a source. In the conquest cycle, Fire overcomes Metal as its ores can only be melted and forged by flame or heat; Metal overcomes Wood as the iron axe is able to topple the tallest tree. However, just as an axe can become dull or broken if used on too many trees, large volumes of Wood can defeat small volumes of Metal.

Copper carbonate hydroxide, known widely by the much more fetching name of malachite, is an opaque copper compound known for its distinctive light and dark green swirls. Found in Russia, Romania, Zambia, and the Middle East, malachite is likely one of the earliest ores from which copper was derived.

Energy: Projective*

Elements: Fire, Earth, Water

Planets: Venus, Neptune

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Deities: Aphrodite, Freyja 

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart

Used by the ancient Greeks to create amulets for protecting children and during the Middle Ages to fashion amulets which defended against black magic, malachite is a potent magical stone for guiding one’s spiritual journey and protecting from danger. Among various other properties, malachite is able to extend one’s psychic ability to detect danger in their environment, as well as enhancing will forces. Malachite is also said to warn the wearer of impeding danger by breaking, and it can be used in all sorts of protection magic, especially while traveling!

Said to increase vitality, stimulate tissue repair, and aid in recovery from disease, malachite is also used to boost self-confidence and instill emotional clarity. A malachite amulet engraved with a rayed sun is said to increase the powers of the magus using it, and malachite may also be used in prosperity magic and to ward against nightmares. Malachite can be attached to a child’s bed or cradle to ward off illness and other dangers, or hung in a nursery window to prevent negative energies from entering the room.

Malachite is a soft stone and susceptible to damage if handled roughly, so take special care while cleaning it. Make sure to protect it from scratches and extremes of temperature, especially sudden temperature changes. Use Earth cleansing to purify and recharge malachite, and do it often! This stone has a tendency to absorb negativity, especially when used in healing work. It will fade and begin to crack if not completely cleansed often. You can also cleanse and recharge malachite by laying it on a clear quartz cluster in the sun. Do not use salt as it will mar the surface of the stone, and be sure to avoid breathing the dust of raw malachite.

* I could not find conclusive answers on whether malachite has projective or receptive energy, but my research suggests it’s projective.

A stone long associated with beauty, sensuality, and magic, the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used lapis lazuli for eye shadow and the Romans ingested it as an aphrodisiac (as well as a cure for poison), with the former peoples also using this stone to make protective amulets. According to legend, the ring that was presented to King Solomon by an angel in order to give him dominion over legions of demons was made with lapis lazuli!


Energy ~ Receptive

Elements ~ Water, Air

Planet ~ Venus

Zodiac Signs ~ Sagittarius, Capricorn

Deities ~ Isis, Venus, Nuit, Sin, Maat

Chakras ~ Throat, Crown, Third Eye

Prized and mined for at least 6,000 years, lapis lazuli is said to have the power to impart ancient knowledge and grant the discernment on how to use it. This starry blue stone has long been associated with the rulers of various realms, and is said to convey the magical powers of deities onto those who carry it. It can be used in spells to find love and promise fidelity, as well as to put aside one’s personality and perceptions to see a situation for what it really is.

Lapis lazuli has very high-quality energy, and does not lower it to accommodate mere mortals like us — it demands you elevate your own mental, emotional, and spiritual state to match it, as if saying, “Get on my level!” It is said that this stone can alleviate depression by ferreting out its cause as well as by improving the function of the thyroid, and that it alleviates migraines while calming the nervous system, as well as easing inflammation.

Just don’t use it to make a traditional elixir! It’s very high in sulfur!

Owing its brilliant green hue to the presence of chromium and vanadium, emerald crystals are rarely flawless, and are thus often oiled to mask imperfections and cut in such a way to optimize their look. Emerald is nonetheless a powerful stone for any kind of spellcaster: it is said, after all, that Thoth bestowed wisdom on Hermes Trismegistus via an emerald tablet!

Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth

Planets: Venus

Astrological Signs: Taurus

Deities: Thoth, Ceres, Diana, Aphrodite, Isis, Surdurjaya, Vishnu, Freyja

Chakras: Heart

Linked to the angel Asmodiel and to the High Priestess Arcana, emerald is traditionally known as the “Stone of Truth” that protects its bearer from deception. Said to bring love into one’s life, emerald is also used in magic to enhance psychic abilities, open clairvoyance, and allow stimulation of wisdom gathering from other planes. It is told that this symbol of hope will bring joy and enhance emotions, memory, faith, and clairvoyance. It is held to benefit one’s intuition, promoting communication though truthfulness.

Emerald is believed to aid eyesight, heart, lungs, thymus, pancreas, and the lymphatic system. It is also considered to ease transitions in menopause. Shields social workers and counselors from being worn down, and helps healing after the breakup of a relationship. This stone is useful in past life recall, protects from domestic violence, banishes nightmares, and protects from psychic attack. Note that opaque stones should not be used for meditation or working with emotions. 

To cleanse your emerald, pass it through smoke and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Recharge this crystal after a waxing moon!