Category: water spirit

Aquamarine Tourmaline

A blend of lunar and water guidance. Azure water illuminated in a silvery glow, starlight speckled across lazy waves. Mermaids swim along the glittered current, blanketed in nightfall.

Aquamarine Tourmaline: as you lay under the water and look up, the surface is a reflection of sparkling blue. An energy that soothes the mind and body. The waves veined with sunlight, you will feel energized to live with love.

This crystal embodies the ebb and flow of peace, providing for deep meditation. It encourages the release emotions, allowing you to feel lighter, giving you the clarity to you venture into higher consciousness and spiritual connection. You can use this crystal in a mermaid grid or on a water alter. 

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*This stone is natural and has not been dyed. Aquamarine Tourmaline is hard to find. When held to the light the color illuminates.