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Cali ocean for your healing


Crystal Herbalism – 

A Witch of Land and Sea

The Witch goes to the water to dream, to listen to the divine secrets that curl themselves within the waves. The moonlight writes poetic verses across her face, filling the shadows of footprints that echo across the sand. She whispers spells into the breeze, letting her words caress her body. 

Wich in the photo: @oracleofla. The photo I used to create this art was taken by @tcwills.

Down by the bay!

It was so beautiful yesterday.


A word, that I completely made, but also kinda stumbled upon. I got tired of calling myself a mermaid, when I am obviously not. I thought to myself, “there has to be a word for people who are clearly humans, but have some sort of tie with ocean.” My friend suggested mer gals and then mergail came to me. This is a completely real thing, but the word is new, as far as I am concerned. So this is what I have come up with…


Mergail: A person whose soul is tied with the ocean, so much so, that they are hurt by being away from the ocean for too long. These people have often been ocean spirits, mermaids, selkies, etc, in a past life. They have connection with the sea, even when they weren’t born near the sea or around it. Mergails aren’t ocean specific, but prefer natural bodies of water to swimming pools or man-made beaches.

Crystal Herbalism – Mermaid Vibes

The moon casts its glow onto the water as the stars paint the waves in crystallized light. The mermaids hover their eyes of golden moons above the water, the shades of blue deep with color keep their fins hidden. Lingering in the current they whisper a melody, their voice harmonizes with the humming waves. The mermaids crowns reflect the lunar light onto the ocean floor, like webs, the light crawls across corals and sleeping life.


I made it pretty and crazy lol I am feeling very springy now that the sun has come back to empower me! I am happy to have the love of the sun to fuel my plant magic for the spring! I am too excited.

At work, wishing I could wake up like this and not be at work lol spending my time being magical instead of pretending I’m not lol