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Cosmic Living 

A monthly challenge customized to your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. Using your astrological signs, each week will be personalized to your energy and planets. This challenge will allow you to learn more about the way you think, feel, and act based on your cosmic blueprint. Developing a deeper spiritual practice and new rituals to use to manifest a divine life. Learn More

Lunar Awakening Program

Using the lunar cycles influence to manifest self-healing and balance by connecting to the moons energy each week. The focus will be on transforming your lifestyle while connecting us to our inner goddess energy. Learn More

Awaken. Connect. Embrace. 

Your third eye chakra is where your creativity, intuition, dreams, and true magic resides.

Azurite: channel divine guidance, enhance lucid dreaming, deepen psychic abilities, strengthens intuitive state.

White Aragonite: spiritual healing, purification, inner illumination, renewal, lunar connection, clarity to visions. .

Blue Kyanite: clearing, protection, aligns energy, dream recall, self-expression, pathway between realms, creates meditative state.

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Into the woods you go. Wild. Free. Enchanted.

This kit comes with these crystals and a palo santo wood for clearing your space, crystals, and body.

Vesuvianite (Idocrase): from Mt. Vesuvius, this crystal embodies ancient wisdom and deep dearth connection. It ignites your intuitive state and brings clarity to dreams. This vibrant stone transforms your spiritual connection, allowing you to access higher realms while still grounding.

Tibetan Quartz: this crystals brings forth enlightenment. a higher vibration and awakening of your spiritual self. Its protective, illuminating, and goddess driven.

Peridot: brings harmony to ones life. It grounds your energy to the natural earth, giving you a sense of comfort and stability. This crystal brings forth spiritual awareness, pulls out energetic blockages while manifesting heart centered peace.

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