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I want to create a new collection…

What would you like to see in my store?

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aerieherbal: It is ready!!


It is ready!!

Here I explain my take on these categories of psychic abilities and how I experience them. Herbs for psychic abilities are also on this video.

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So that its easy to watch! If you like it, sub…

So that its easy to watch! If you like it, subscribe!!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:


New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:

New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!


Came home to so many metaphorical fires. Tomorrow morning its time for some intense cleansing and spellwork! This house is going to be so magical and full of good vibes that, anything made tomorrow is gonna be super magical!

Giveaway winner!!! Card Reading

Giveaway winner!!! Card Reading:

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Soooo… I’m hungry with like no money, and a …

I am doing $5 readings:

  • Aura
  • Tarot/oracle
    • Power animal oracle
    • Wild unknown tarot
  • Intuitive readings

Cashme: $atribeof3sisters


So I will be doing this until tuesday!

Also you can buy stuff on my website, but you get get anything shipped until Wednesday.






A Tribe of 3 Sisters: MAGIC HEALING GIVEAWAY!!!!

So, I am new the YouTube game and I am just so happy to have hit 50 subscribers! I appreciate everyone who has been supporting me, so I have decided to do another giveaway. The winner will be announced on the 26th of Aug (when I come back from my honeymoon). 

The winner will receive:

1. Dragons blood incense

2. 1 Tigers eye

3. 1 quartz

4. A little pot

5. A Book: Cleansing the doors of perception

6. 1 palo santo stick

7. ImmuniTEA by A Tribe of 3 Sisters

8. Palo Santo Mist

9. Your choice of tincture or elixir.

10. Lastly,  A Buddha Statue!

To Enter:

1. Reblog this post!

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel

3. Leave a comment  on your favorite video, so I know you have entered!! 

If you are already a subscriber, just comment on your favorite video!

I hope you win!!

*This giveaway is in no way associated with tumblr or youtube. *

Forgot to mention if you buy something from my site, A Tribe of 3 sisters , You get an extra entry!!! 

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When I hit 200 Subscribers I am going to do another giveaway I think. Maybe giveaway to 2 people? I will be giving announcing the winner while in Maui! How exciting!