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Intense Dreamwork

Part of what made yesterday so exhausting was that I spent most of the day on preparing for some dreamwork. I charged three items up with energy, and said three incantations repeated three times for each one. So, in total, about 27 incantations went into it. And it *still* didn’t work!

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Sleep Spell Planning

I’ve wanted to cast a proper sleep/dream spell for a while, and enchant one of my talismans to help me attract more vivid, lucid dreams. I think that tonight, I’m going to bathe myself with mugwort, then arrange a purple candle, my sodalite, my amethyst, my sleep spell bottle, some quartz crystals, and my talisman on my altar. I’ll sprinkle some lavender, chamomile flower, and leftover mugwort in a circle around the candle, then light it at dusk after casting my circle. I’ll invoke a few gods of the night and dreams, as well as the Bear Totem, and prepare my talisman(s) to help me sleep and dream better at night. I actually read some very interesting things about the bear that I plan to make a post about!

A Proper Ritual!

I’ve been hesitant for a while to try it, since I didn’t really know how, but after reading about it in a book, I cast my first circle for a spell today! I also did a tarot divination beforehand to make sure it was the right time to cast the spell. 

My friend had surgery for appendicitis, so I wanted to cast a spell that would help him. I brought representations of the four elements into the circle: sage incense, a white candle, a small bowl of water, and my azurite-malachite. I charged each one and visualized the desired result, before drawing the circle!

Here’s a helpful tip I learned about for circles: if for any reason you need to leave, draw a rectangular shape at the edge of the circle and visualize a door appearing, opening it to leave and closing it behind you then and when you return to the circle.

I also took some notes on how the candle behaved. The flame burned very high, and it caused wax to pour over the sides of the holder. I take that to mean that there was an abundance of energy and success!

Also, at the end, I made sure to release the circle and thank the elementals for their help. Oh, and I also channeled the Raven totem a bit!

Sweet Tooth Spell

I think I’m going to look into whether I can put together a spell to help me with breaking my sugar addiction. Maybe I could use this obsidian arrowhead my darling got for me, and make it into a talisman to help me keep my cravings under control and overcome the aches and pains.

A Healing Spell!

On my altar I set a small bowl of water between my green fluorite and my new azurite-malachite (I’ll get to the azurite-malachite in a bit). I then added elder flower, marjoram, white oak bark, nettle leaf and root, and St. John’s wort, before stirring with a basil leaf. I stirred counterclockwise as I visualized the illness leaving my friend’s body, then clockwise as I visualized healing energy pouring in!

As for the significance of the azurite-malachite, it’s a crystal that can help channel spirit animals, and it’s also tied to my Native American Zodiac sign: the Raven. I’ve started seeing ravens a lot recently, and ravens are associated with occult knowledge, transformation, levity, and lots of other things that I care about a lot. Plus, as a totem animal, the raven can be an aid for long-distance healing! So I invoked the raven a bit to help me.

So, the azurite-malachite is kind of just a personal touch that not everyone needs to use. I hope this spell helps you!

Tarot Tips

There are lots of different general kinds of readings, but one I wanted to share real quick is readings that use a particular card as a signifier. If you want to specify a certain area of interest for the divination, you can take one of the cards of the Major Arcana and lay it face-up, then build the spread around it. I did that with Temperance yesterday, and it was very illuminating!

Another Spell Jar

I’ve yet to take a picture of it since my phone is out of space for new pictures and I need to fix that, but I made another spell jar! This one I filled with black tea, pennyroyal, meadowsweet, marjoram, lavender flower, spearmint leaf, and lemon balm. I created it to help me find inner peace and balance, as well as cultivating inner and outer strength and combating depression to bring more happiness into my life.

Strength Spell Jar

I decided to modify my idea for a spell to boost strength, and made it into a spell jar! I put mugwort, St. John’s wort, and poke root in it, and took a picture that I hope isn’t too awful. I’m planning on making more in the near future and improving my technique!