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Crystal Herbalism – 

A Witch of Land and Sea

The Witch goes to the water to dream, to listen to the divine secrets that curl themselves within the waves. The moonlight writes poetic verses across her face, filling the shadows of footprints that echo across the sand. She whispers spells into the breeze, letting her words caress her body. 

Wich in the photo: @oracleofla. The photo I used to create this art was taken by @tcwills.

Crystal Herbalism – I AM A WITCH 🙏 

I am a woman who honors her mystical heritage, uses the earth as her oracle, and listens to her intuition. Nature is my temple, my soul is my sacred place. I collect crystals, talk to plants, and find yoga as a form of spell work.

I am a WITCH who loves Buddha and black cats. 
I am a WITCH who loves the faerie star not the pentagram. 
I am a WITCH who loves the moon yet fears the night. 

I am a WITCH because my womb holds the universe.
I am a WITCH because my ancestors survived the witch trials.
I am a WITCH because as a little girl I found comfort in magick. 

I am a WITCH. 

Crystal Herbalism – The Witches Broom

Witches Broom were traditionally made from ash, birch, and willow, woven together to protect the home and ward off evil spirits. Witches worked with faeries to find the perfect tree for a broom, once chosen the faeries would bless the wood.

I’ve been a witch since I was little and never felt like I had a symbol that I could connect my witchy practice to until now. I wear this pendant everyday, a nod to my witch and faerie heritage. 


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Crystal Herbalism – White Stag Within A Crystal 

This is my sacred quartz wand, I found this small beauty a few years ago at a local crystal shop. I placed my hand into a bowl of quartz points and this was the one I drew out. During this time I was having visions of a white stag, the lord of the north, a faerie legend. When I saw a natural silhouette of a stag within this crystal, I knew it was meant for me.

Magick truly happens at a crystal shop.

Crystal Herbalism – ‘Tis The Season Of The Witch 

October, the month of the blood moon and Samhain, a time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest. I welcomed the 1st with a protection spell for my home.

For the ritual I used clear quartz, a white pumpkin, my pentacle, and a black candle. I rang my Tibetan bell, lite my black candle, and cast my circle. n the silence of the morning, under the transition between the moon and sun, I began my spell. 

“I call upon my spirit guides, witch ancestors, and Goddess. I welcome thee into my circle, bringing light to the shadows that linger in the October sky. For no spirit, good or bad, can enter my home without my permission. May their asking be only kind, for my home is protected by the divine.”

I walked around my apartment with a root chakra singing bowl, allowing its deeps tones to push out stagnant/negative energy so the positive could fill the space. Once I was done I blew out the black candle and placed it on my alter, a reminder of the protection spell that pulsates throughout my home.

  • Clear Quartz: clarity, intention, manifestation, magnifies energy
  • Pentacle: amulet, witchcraft, five elements, ancestry
  • Pumpkin: autumn, abundance, divination, banishing
  • Black Candle: absorbs negativity, mystery, cleansing



New video up! Kitchen witchery!

Goodness, it’s been a long time since I did a spell under the full moon like I did last night! I’m more of a morning lark, so I have difficulties staying up late enough for the moon to get above the forest trees where I live. But I managed it last night, and it felt incredible!

The full moon last night was in Sagittarius, as was Saturn. So, I tried to channel some adventurous, driven Fire energy (considering it was Tuesday as well), in addition to the deeper, flowing energies of the moon and the more concentrated, task-oriented energies of Saturn. To do this, I used my obsidian arrowhead to help channel energy into my red jasper and into myself.

It was totally wild! I could feel the red jasper heating up as I held it up to the moon, the warmth radiating onto my fingers. Energy was swirling around and through my body, too! And today, I’ve felt a lot more driven overall, and haven’t had to rely as much on certain crutches like sugar!

I thought it would be kind of unfair to only update the tea part of my blog and not the occult part, so I wanted to share how I’ve been doing tarot divinations and what the result of the one I did today was!

First of all, I keep my deck in a wooden box I got on a trip recently, along with an amethyst and a feather. Amethyst helps keep the energy of the deck clean and connected to greater cosmic forces. I also keep a feather in the box, to represent the Air element, which is what I associate with divination!

This is the box I keep my tarot deck, amethyst, and feather in! Beside it is my tarot guidebook wrapped in the cloth I lay the cards out on. 

Moving onto how I actually perform the ritual, I like to burn either sage or frankincense incense, and pass all my divination tools I’ll be using back and forth the smoke nine times. I meditate with the amethyst and feather, and then rub my mala’s chrysocolla beads against each other so the sound puts me in a sort of trance.

Finally I shuffle the deck, cut it into three, bring the portions back together, and lay out the cards. I always pull cards with my left hand.

Lately my divinations have been telling me to move on from my past disappointments and focus on the successes I’ve earned. So that’s what I intend to do!

Love magic

So, I’m just curious if anyone knows of this or if it exists. Is there an ability to accidentally make people fall in love with you? Like love aura ability or like something? Its not just simple beauty because that doesn’t necessarily make people think you’re their soul mate or anything. What do y’all think?