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Giveaway 10/13 – 10/16

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2. Favorite ETSY Shops: CrystalHerbalism & TrendySnake

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Giveaway Includes: Handmade Triple Goddess Pendant + Moonstone Tumbled Stone

The pendant is handcrafted by the Esty shop: Trendy Snake! Vykas is an amazing craftsmen and this piece is made with loving intentions. I bought the Tara Yantra pendant from him (will post about that beauty soon). 

Pendant Material: Solid Sycamore Wood, Hemp Cord, Wood Paint, Wood Varnish.
Pendant Weight: 5g
Pendant Size: 35mm x 35mm
Pendant Thickness Approx: 5mm
Pendant Cord Size: Adjustable (you can adjust cord according to your taste).
Condition: Handmade
Feature: Eco-Friendly 



I want to create a new collection…

What would you like to see in my store?

What can I create or get for you?


Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:


New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!

Herbs, Planets, and Spellwork! Oh my!:

New Video!!!!!! Like and subscribe!

See the world of Faerie through my eyes.

See the world of Faerie through my eyes.

Visit my Faerie Realm Pinterest Board: HERE

Wander into the numinous realm of the goddess….

Wander into the numinous
realm of the goddess. Discover the legend and magic behind your
favorite divine female spirit. 

This series will be a month long, starting September 1st – 30th. Everyday a new goddess will emerge with:

  • Myth Meaning
  • Mantra
  • Symbolism
  • Crystal, moon, element, & flower affiliation
  • Spell/offering/blessing
  • Herbal tea recipe

DM me @ CrystalHerbalism with your goddess recommendation!



A Tribe of 3 Sisters: MAGIC HEALING GIVEAWAY!!!!

So, I am new the YouTube game and I am just so happy to have hit 50 subscribers! I appreciate everyone who has been supporting me, so I have decided to do another giveaway. The winner will be announced on the 26th of Aug (when I come back from my honeymoon). 

The winner will receive:

1. Dragons blood incense

2. 1 Tigers eye

3. 1 quartz

4. A little pot

5. A Book: Cleansing the doors of perception

6. 1 palo santo stick

7. ImmuniTEA by A Tribe of 3 Sisters

8. Palo Santo Mist

9. Your choice of tincture or elixir.

10. Lastly,  A Buddha Statue!

To Enter:

1. Reblog this post!

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel

3. Leave a comment  on your favorite video, so I know you have entered!! 

If you are already a subscriber, just comment on your favorite video!

I hope you win!!

*This giveaway is in no way associated with tumblr or youtube. *

Forgot to mention if you buy something from my site, A Tribe of 3 sisters , You get an extra entry!!! 

Use code: Giveaway for 20% off your purchase!

Wednesday, Aug 8th,2018 9:00 pm EST, I am doin…

It is still free, just send me your email so I can put you in the the webinar. This weeks herbal healers are California poppy and St. Johns wort.


In honor of me getting married in 2 weeks, I’m now selling $5 custom elixirs until August 19 (my wedding day)!!!

Just tell me what you need and I will make it for you! Everyone who buys until that time will also get an extra surprise!! I just want to spread the love!

Doing Tarot Readings all day!

Price varies based on what you want, but the starting price is $3. Hit me up!

Also oracle readings if you don’t want tarot