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Crystal Herbalism –聽I AM A WITCH 馃檹聽

I am a woman who honors her mystical heritage, uses the earth as her oracle, and listens to her intuition. Nature is my temple, my soul is my sacred place. I collect crystals, talk to plants, and find yoga as a form of spell work.

I am a WITCH who loves Buddha and black cats.聽
I am a WITCH who loves the faerie star not the pentagram.聽
I am a WITCH who loves the moon yet fears the night.聽

I am a WITCH because my womb holds the universe.
I am a WITCH because my ancestors survived the witch trials.
I am a WITCH because as a little girl I found comfort in magick.聽

I am a WITCH.聽


This is the first of a lot of new offerings from A Tribe of 3 Sisters Wellness!聽 I am really excited about this webinar; it speaks to women in different parts of their lives and provides the tools to promote healing within yourself and balance your divine feminine. In this webinar we will talk about natural wellness strategies for women of all types and how to apply herbs to your healing. In this webinar a box of herbs will be sent to you, so you can follow along and assess how the herbs feel to you!

Date/Time: November 10, 2018 4-6 pm est.